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TMG-309 The Married Gamers at Six

Written by (@leftybrown) on August 18, 2013 in Married Gamers Podcast, Podcasts

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The Married Gamers website and podcast celebrates six years in operations. Chris and Kelly celebrate by revealing how stuff gets down on the website, what events meant a lot to them both over the six years, and thank some folks for the friendship and hard work. Also, Chris can finally say what he thinks of… Read More »

Review: Saints Row IV

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The Saints Row series has been lauded over the years for its wacky humor and open world gameplay. Saints Row: The Third brought the series beyond being just “another Grand Theft Auto clone” into something unique and special. Following its release, Volition began working on a DLC pack for the game called “Enter the Dominatrix.”… Read More »


The Mommy Gamers 46: Butterfly Killer

Written by (@jaxboxchick) on August 6, 2013 in Podcasts, The Mommy Gamers Podcast

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Bryan “BrySi” Simon, video game parody song star on YouTube, joins Marcia and Desirai this week to talk about how he has turned his love of video games into a career…and how sometimes he lets his three adorable daughters do his makeup. Desirai shares her fun trip to the Game Warp event in Orlando, and… Read More »


Saints Row IV Gets Game of the Generation Edition

Written by (@katanasquirrel) on July 29, 2013 in News

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I’m the first to admit that I’m a sucker for a good collector’s edition of a game. I was already looking forward to the prospect of buying the “Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition” of Saints Row IV, with a replica Dubstep Gun, but Volition and Deep Silver have upped the ante. Today, they’ve announced their… Read More »

Preview: Saints Row IV

Written by (@katanasquirrel) on July 3, 2013 in Features

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Saints Row IV is likely one of my most anticipated games of 2013. Following the genuine surprise that was Saints Row: The Third, I was extremely excited to see exactly what Volition could do with a new Saints Row game. Having played a good few hours now with a preview build of Saints Row IV,… Read More »

What I Want From Saints Row IV

Written by (@katanasquirrel) on May 20, 2013 in Opinion

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As you may already know, I’m incredibly excited for the upcoming release of Saints Row IV. I invested well over seventy hours into Saints Row: The Third, leveled up my character completely and did almost everything that I could in that game. While I never enjoyed Saints Row or Saints Row II, Saints Row: The… Read More »

Why I’m More Excited for Saints Row IV than Grand Theft Auto V

Written by (@katanasquirrel) on April 8, 2013 in Opinion

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Grand Theft Auto V will likely be one of the bestselling games of this year. It’s a franchise with a massive legacy, spanning three console generations. However, a month prior to its release will see another massive, open-world game in the form of Saints Row IV. Prior to Saints Row: The Third, I could never… Read More »