The Married Gamers A/V Network

The Married Gamers website is not JUST The Married Gamers podcast. In 2012, The Married Gamers created The Married Gamers A/V Network which now includes five dynamic and fun-filled podcasts. These fantastic shows are fully owned by their creators and they have complete control over their own content. These shows have chosen The Married Gamers website as a place that viewers can listen or watch their shows.

If you have a show that is adult/family gamer-geek themed and would make a fine addition to The Married Gamers A/V Network, contact Chris Brown at [email protected]

Shows on The Married Gamers A/V Network

The Broke Nerdcast

Long time friends Wally and Jason envisioned a podcast that gives money saving tips to broke nerds. They couldn’t think of any. So the duo dropped that plan, turned on the mic, and lead you through tangent filled impassioned talk about their favorite pop culture topics.

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The Married Gamers

The Married Gamers podcast and website was started in August 2007 by Chris and Kelly Brown as a way to strengthen their relationship, which was on the precipice of separation. Now in the fifth year of operation, Chris and Kelly Brown have covered many industry shows and events and have had guests from the gaming and geek industry and community on their podcast.

Links: Website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest

The Mommy Gamers

Links: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Nerds @ Play


The [email protected] is a nerdy collective with hosts Loren, Melisa, Michi, and Zach. Each week the nerds assemble to discuss video games, movies, comics, and all-around nerdery. Nothing is taboo with these four.

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