About The Married Gamers

What is The Married Gamers?

Not your usual gaming website and podcast, The Married Gamers are a community of adult geeks and gamers, married and unmarried. We feature news, views and reviews that focus on what the adult geek and gamer and their families would want to read, watch, and hear. And no, you don’t have to be married to become a part of The Married Gamers.

The Married Gamers podcast and website was started in August 2007 by Chris and Kelly Brown as a way to strengthen their relationship, which was on the precipice of separation. Now in the fifth year of operation, Chris and Kelly Brown have covered many industry shows and events and have had guests from the gaming and geek industry and community on their podcast. On the website, the couple are joined by an energetic writing staff and a community of married, single, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, and co-habitating gamers of all stripe and color….just as it should be!