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Stand Up Comix: This Week In Indie Comics

Written by (@therealbigwall) on May 28, 2013 in Features

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Welcome to the first ever installment of Stand Up Comix! Each week the people at ComiXology have been kind enough to open allow us to invade Santa’s Toy Shop, so to speak and review the new books from indie creators that have been submitted for your purchasing pleasure. You can find all of these books and… Read More »

Broke Nerdcast Episode 12: BNC Blitz!

Written by (@therealbigwall) on September 8, 2012 in Broke Nerdcast, Podcasts

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Join Jason and Wally as they explain the movies that have prevented them from getting excited about anything ever again.  Ever.  Then Wally confesses his undying love and affection for Rock Band Blitz.  We also tell you about how Batman will fight Robocop in a new movie, a show that would be perfect for the… Read More »


TMG-243 Image Comics Expo

Written by (@leftybrown) on February 26, 2012 in Married Gamers Podcast

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Chris and Kelly travel to Oakland, CA to attend the first every Image Comics Expo. The Married Gamers interview The Darkness creator Marc Silvestri to discuss The Darkness games and what lies ahead for the Top Cow universe. The gaming duo also chat with artist Chris Moreno about his new book Zombie Dickheads. And by… Read More »

Review: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Written by on February 21, 2012 in


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It’s hard to believe that it’s really been more than fifteen years since the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe stepped out of the pages of their monthly comic books to face off with the video game superstars of Capcom. Things have certainly come a long way since a quarter was dropped into that… Read More »


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Finds Its Voice

Written by (@) on February 13, 2012 in News

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More than a year after its launch, the characters of Marvel Super Hero Squad Online are finally breaking their silence.  No, this isn’t a tale of some henchman exposing a secret global takeover conspiracy by the likes of Doctor Doom or Magneto, or a disgruntled agent at S.H.I.E.L.D. going public about Nick Fury’s constant refusal to… Read More »


Gotham City Impostors Console Beta Is Live

Written by (@) on January 26, 2012 in News

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Get Commissioner Gordon on the line.  The guys over at Warner Bros. Interactive, DC Comics, and Monolith have been playing with the Bat-Signal again. Earlier today, Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Entertainment announced that the console version of the Gotham City Impostors public beta is now available for download for the Xbox 360 in the Xbox… Read More »

Darksiders II: Death Eternal Teaser

Written by (@) on January 25, 2012 in News

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Y’know, I loved Darksiders when it originally came out a couple of years back.  It was an interesting story, and it had some great visual designs, courtesy of comic book pro Joe Madureira (Uncanny X-Men, Battle Chasers).  But as cool as War’s story was, it kinda left me wonder where the OTHER three Horsemen of… Read More »

Review: Scarygirl

Written by on January 23, 2012 in


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  I’ve got a confession to make. As big a comic geek as I am, I’d never heard of Scarygirl before. Created back in 2001 by artist Nathan Jurevicius, the Scarygirl brand has built a cult following and spawned a popular graphic novel, toys, and clothes. Now Scarygirl is breaking out onto consoles with a… Read More »

Tiger Mask Manga Inspires a Spree of Charitable Giving

Tiger Mask Manga Inspires a Spree of Charitable Giving

Written by (@paxrock) on January 17, 2011 in News

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In what can only be described as difficult times in the world today it is nice to know that culture can still do some good in the world.  Especially our little corner of geek culture.  Take, for instance, this story out of Japan. In 1968 Kodansha published a graphic novel series called Tiger Mask.  The… Read More »