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Review: Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers

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I’ve been a Magic fan for a long time. I first learned about the game at summer camp in 1994 when Revised (third edition of the core set) was in print. Since then, I’ve been playing off and on. Looking at a calendar, that means Magic has been a part of my life for almost… Read More »

Review: Alien Spidy

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Alien Spidy is an addition to a long line of platformer games that look to challenge you. It really does too good of a job. From the developers at Kalypso Media comes the story of Spidy who has lost contact with his explorer friend, Virgi. Spidy’s last contact shows that Virgi was on or around… Read More »


XBLA Weekly: February 27, 2013

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This week we’re going to get a little co-op and platforming seasoning for your weekly XBLA meal. First up, coming from 5pb Games is Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds - Cocoa’s Nightmare Attack - that title is a mouthful. You control one of four “cute” warriors challenging a mysterious man called “Phantom.” The game has the four-player… Read More »


XBLA Weekly: February 20, 2013

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This week has a couple of choices for us to consider. Let’s get right to it, shall we? First up, since it’s already been reviewed here on TMG: Serious Sam Double D XXL. The reviewer’s thunder I shall not steal; head to the review to see more about this game!   Next, something for the nostalgic gamer: Capcom… Read More »


Jet Set Radio Gets A Release Date!

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Since Sega first announced the Jet Set Radio HD remake, we’ve been teased by a release time frame of Summer 2012.  But as August rolled around, I’m sure I’m not the only fan to wonder exactly when we’d be able to actually play this classic. Wonder no more. Sega has just announced a release date… Read More »

Review: Deadlight

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Tequila Works has developed a new post-apocalyptic zombie side-scrolling 2d/3d survival horror cinematic platformer.  The game reminds me of Playdead’s Limbo for graphic style and Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead for story content.  The art style is straight from an indie graphic novel with splotchy sepia and red ink instead of typical mass market cell… Read More »

Review: Zuma’s Revenge!

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Back in 2003, PopCap released a game called Zuma and it sold well over 17 million copies over the dozen of platforms that it is on. This makes it PopCap’s second most popular game. Players have been waiting for quite a while to be able to play with the loveable frog again on the Xbox… Read More »

Review: Quantum Conundrum

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As a 12 year old boy, most are not thrown into a puzzle filled mansion where they have to figure out how to get through a room and use the puzzling words of their uncle, who is piped through the intercom system, to help them. Yet this is exactly what occurs in the new Square Enix puzzler Quantum… Read More »


The Splatters Sale and Contest

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Have you been trying to figure out what fun game to play on the Xbox Live Arcade but not wanting to spend tons of Microsoft Points? Well you are in luck. Starting today The Splatters is going to be on sale for a week. Instead of being 800 Microsoft Points, it is being slashed in… Read More »


Jet Set Radio: A Case For Style Before Substance

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A couple weeks ago, Sega announced the full track list for their upcoming HD remake of Jet Set Radio. Gamers that have fond memories of the Dreamcast original will recognize tracks like Hideki Naganuma’s “Humming the Bassline” or “Let Mom Sleep”, Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” or Jurassic 5′s “Improvise”. A list of tracks are listed on… Read More »