Broke Nerdcast: Reedus A Bedtime Story

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This week Jason and Wally actually have things that they’ve done this week! Listen as Wally reviews The Hobbit and wonders if it was really necessary to release this film after the Lord of the Rings. After that spirited discussion, Jason reviews the recent robot explosion fest, Pacific Rim. The show culminates with a news… Read More »


[email protected]: The Return of the Doll

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We’ve made it halfway to 100 episodes! This week on [email protected] we discuss the Oculus Rift, go into detail on the extremes we’ve gone to just to play video games, and witness the return of the demon doll from Melisa’s backyard. It has changed states and podcast member hands! This doll is so evil, it… Read More »


The Mommy Gamers 46: Butterfly Killer

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Bryan “BrySi” Simon, video game parody song star on YouTube, joins Marcia and Desirai this week to talk about how he has turned his love of video games into a career…and how sometimes he lets his three adorable daughters do his makeup. Desirai shares her fun trip to the Game Warp event in Orlando, and… Read More »


TMG-307 The Curious Life of a Gaming Handheld

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This week Chris and Kelly Brown delve into the curious life of the gaming handhelds, the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. They are joined by Some Other Castle podcaster, Elaine Stryker, to discuss the benefits and challenges of both handheld platforms. They also discuss the great games available on both devices. All this plus our… Read More »


The Broke Nerdcast: Limited Time Magic

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Join Jay and Wally as they record the podcast so nice, they recorded it twice! Wally gives his review of World War Z, Jay tells us if Orange is the New Black is worth watching, and they discuss Star Wars for the first time in weeks! So sit back and enjoy the only podcast that… Read More »

shark week

[email protected]: Shark Week

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Welcome to Episode 49 of [email protected]! This week we talk about the most disappointing games we’ve endured, catch up on our weeks in nerdery, discuss some of the more classy (sarcasm) things we’ve done in games, and Michi tells us about shark fishing. It took us 49 episodes for Michi to reveal that she is… Read More »


Some Other Castle, Episode 63: Dry vs. Moist

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Very important issues are discussed on this podcast, and we’re probably going to need help resolving it, so listen up, take notes, and choose a side! CHOOSE CAREFULLY. LISTEN NOW:  


TMG-306 Charlie Murder

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James Silva and Michelle Juett Silva of Ska Studioa join The Married Gamers for the hour to talk about Charlie Murder, the forthcoming Summer of Arcade game on Xbox Live Marketplace. The game will be available on August 14, 2013. In addition to diving deep on Charlie Murder, topics also include Ska Studios and their… Read More »

The Phoenix Project Logo

The Phoenix Project Episode 24: Voicemails Are Great

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This week we have decided to mix it up a bit, we are featuring YOU our listeners throughout the show. We do have some discussions on Kinect, The Last Of Us and much more. Also you can find us on TheMarriedGamers.net now. We are excited about this and hope to bring exciting content to their… Read More »


The Broke Nerdcast: Sly and the Kidney Stone

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This week Jason and Wally struggle to find footing as they discuss all of the big news coming out of San Diego Comic Con! Find out about which two heroes will go head to head in a future film, who the heck Ultron is, and why Jason didn’t care about any of it. So listen to this… Read More »