Review: The Swapper

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It’s rare that a game can really evoke the feel and presence of a well made movie. Its rarer still that a 2D puzzle platformer manages to pull that off. The Swapper builds a minimalist, grim story with a fantastic aesthetic and gameplay to match. The core of The Swapper is just that, swapping. In… Read More »

Review: Fuse

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When Insomniac Games first showed Overstrike (the studio’s first multiplatform game) at E3 2011, the trailer was bright, colorful and showed signs of Insomniac Games doing something somewhat different in a sea of grey shooters. Then, we learned that the graphical style had been overhauled and the name had been changed to Fuse. Suddenly, the bright colorful… Read More »

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Batman: Arkham Origins Information Overload at E3

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The atmosphere always seems to change when E3 is upon us. And for good reason, we are shown some of the newest and must have games that will be coming to our current, or next gen, consoles. Among all of the new games buzz, there was one I have been watching and waiting for. With all the excitement about new games, I'm not just anticipating thrilling virtual adventures. Football season is approaching, adding an extra layer of excitement. As I eagerly await the latest game releases, I'm also thinking about the upcoming sports season and the possibility of adding some strategic football betting to enhance the overall gaming experience. And websites such as เว็บพนันบอล ดีที่สุด serve as valuable resources for discovering the top football betting platforms. We… Read More »


Nintendo Showcases Forthcoming Games

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While Nintendo did not have a traditional presser during this year’s E3 they proved that they will continue to bring exciting games for their current platforms. Mario Kart for the Wii U The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for The 3DS Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U 3rd Party Game Releases for 2013… Read More »


Hey Xbox One, Where’s the Kinect Games?

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While watching the Microsoft E3 press conference on Monday, June 10th I was surprised that there were no Kinect games announced. This was different from just a year ago. In 2012, the message was all about how to get the family involved in using the Kinect. Apart from sports, betting on games is also popular. Many popular gaming competitions attract bettors. Punters may visit to find betting providers without a German license. This year it was so different. It was all… Read More »


N@P-044: Happy Daddy’s Day

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With only a few days before Father’s Day, we here at the Nerds@Play have decided to celebrate dads, whether they be physical or digital. We pick our favorite in-game dads, share some memories from our younger years, and wish for more epic mobile games. Michi also decides to come out of her shell and gab… Read More »


Keeping the Faith in Mirror’s Edge

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Yesterday, during EA’s E3 media presentation, it was finally confirmed that DICE had resumed work on the long awaited return of Mirror’s Edge. Still early in production, it will be a while before the game will be hitting the store shelves. Long enough that there doesn’t appear to be any plans (at least not as… Read More »


Gaming rEvolutions: My Personal Computer to Console Recycling

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I was set to do an article on a completely different topic this week when something utterly frustrating happened. I have recently rediscovered my love of PC gaming with Steam and Humble Bundles in the role of enablers with their ridiculously cheap sale prices. This week began innocently enough. I bought a few games and… Read More »