The Married Gamers Episode 331: Honey I Lost My Titan

Written by (@leftybrown) on April 21, 2014 in Married Gamers Podcast, Podcasts

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The Married Gamers return to talk about the games and people Chris met at this year’s PAX East 2014. What does he think of games like Evolve, Roundabout, Loves in a Dangerous Spacetime, Orcs Must Die Unchained, Catalateral Damage, There Comes An Echo, Elegy for a Dead World, and more? Kelly and Chris also dive… Read More »


Nerds At Play Episode 062: Angry Puppies

Written by (@shibachica) on April 10, 2014 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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This week’s podcast is another ride in the WABAC machine to Christmas 2013. Zach, Melisa and Michi discuss the battles some face to be accepted in the gaming community. They also divulge a secret weapon to withstand the trolls, tyrants and ragers, a.k.a. ‘The Angry Puppy Axiom’. We have an email! dazzlersucks@gmail.com Join our Steam group!… Read More »


The Married Gamers Episode 330: Interview with Mass Effect’s Manveer Heir

Written by (@leftybrown) on March 30, 2014 in Married Gamers Podcast, Podcasts

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On this episode of The Married Gamers, Chris and Kelly interview Bioware’s Manveer Heir, Gameplay Designer on Mass Effect, about his panel at GDC recently titled, “Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia: Where Do Video Games Stand?” His speech was both informative and a call to action. We talk about the speech, the reaction, and what gamers… Read More »


The Married Gamers Episode 329: Grifballin’

Written by (@leftybrown) on March 16, 2014 in Married Gamers Podcast, Podcasts

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Our guests for this episode are Goosechecka and Kalbelgarion from GrifballHub. Chris, Kelly and guests will chat about the sport that is Grifball, its origins, how GrifballHub is instrumental in it popularity, and how listeners can support their Kickstarter to help them with a booth at this year’s RTX in Austin, Texas. All this plus… Read More »

ps4 and xbox one

The Married Gamers Episode 328: Changing Hearts and Minds

Written by (@leftybrown) on March 9, 2014 in Married Gamers Podcast, Podcasts

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This week on The Married Gamers podcast, Chris and Kelly answer a listener’s question on how to make that hard decision on how to choose which new console to buy. In addition, Chris reveals a way he’s recently discovered that could save Xbox One households a lot of money. We’re also giving away to copies… Read More »


The Dark Quarter: Raiders! The Chris Strompolos Interview!

Written by (@therealbigwall) on March 3, 2014 in Broke Nerdcast, Podcasts

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Join Jason and Wally as they interview one of the creative forces behind the Raiders of the Lost Ark Adaptation! Listen as Chris explains why three kids from South Mississippi would want to produce a shot by shot reproduction of the great Spielberg movie before there was even a YouTube to upload it to! Then… Read More »


The Married Gamers Episode 327: TitanFall UK

Written by (@leftybrown) on February 17, 2014 in Married Gamers Podcast, Podcasts

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This week a couple of old and dear friends drop by the show that we haven’t heard from in a long while. It’s Toz from CrankyGamers UK and Kid Dogg from Gameburst! We discuss what they’ve been doing since we last had them on the show. We also somehow find ourselves talking about the NFL… Read More »


Broke Nerdcast: The Dark Quarter Rises

Written by (@therealbigwall) on February 5, 2014 in Broke Nerdcast, Podcasts

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On this; the first Dark Quarter podcast, The Broke Nerdcast crew explains the history of The Dark Quarter and what it means to them. Then the Quarterwits give their short reviews of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Frozen, Saving Mr. Banks, and Breaking Bad. They then talk about a Disney Afternoon cartoon getting the live action treatment,… Read More »

The Phoenix Project Logo

Phoenix Project Episode 34: Playstation 4

Written by (@) on February 5, 2014 in Phoenix Project, Podcasts

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On this first episode of 2014 the full crew is BACK and ready to discuss Sony’s Playstation 4, Microsoft’s acquisition of the Gears Of War Franchise, and much, much more on this Epic episode. We also discuss the Grammy’s and briefly talk about the Immunity Project. If you would like to leave us a voicemail… Read More »


The Married Gamers Episode 326: Gaming Soapbox

Written by (@leftybrown) on February 2, 2014 in Married Gamers Podcast, Podcasts

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This week Chris and Kelly stand up on their gaming soapboxes to talk about some things that are irking them: video games scapegoating and supposed game industry leaks. All this plus the Week in Geek and our opening question. Check out The Married Gamers Facebook Fan Page or if you have a comment, send it… Read More »