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Review: Minecraft: Story Mode (Episode 1)

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The creative minds at Telltale Games have invited you to enter a familiar world, with a little twist. Minecraft: Story Mode brings you into the blocky world of creation, monsters, and crafting, but presented in a different way. You begin the game as Jesse (male or female) and after a little character introduction to Axel, Olivia,… Read More »

Nerds At Play 073: MicroCraft

Written by (@shibachica) on September 24, 2014 in [email protected], Podcasts

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This week we chat about the anime weirdness in our lives. Afterwards we discuss the good and the potential bad of Microsoft owning Minecraft. We wrap up the cast with Zach finally finding a way to convince Melisa to play the insanity that is Hatoful Boyfriend. Links: Notch’s Blog: http://notch.net/2014/09/im-leaving-mojang/ We have an email! [email protected]Read More »

Guy’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Geek or Gamer Girls

Written by (@LadyPwncess) on February 14, 2014 in Features

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So it’s that romantic and expensive time of year again where everything is covered in flowers and glittery hearts of pink and red. Where tons of heart shaped boxes of chocolate line the shelves of every store making “death by chocolate” seem like a real possibility. Where terrible chalky heart candies with corny sayings are practically shoved down our throats. Where… Read More »

The Mommy Gamers 41: More Feels

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Gaming Mommies founder and owner of Gamer Mom Creations, Beth Day-Smith join Marcia and Desirai this week. The ladies get even more excited about Animal Crossing New Leaf and some of them about Minecraft. Marcia tries some wasabi peas her husband sent her from Japan and talks about her feelings on the recently Redbox released… Read More »

Best Co-Op: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Written by (@LadyPwncess) on December 13, 2012 in Features

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Starting out as a PC indie game, Minecraft was originally released as an alpha version in 2009. Minecraft, which is set as a first person game but can be changed to third person view, is an open world full of 3D cubes you could create, place, or destroy. Although it has no real objectives to complete, the freedom to mine for minerals, build structures and… Read More »

Review: Minecraft

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Minecraft is one of those games that is easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Within itself, Minecraft has no objectives, no story, and no leveling system. It is completely up to you as to whether you want to build, mine resources, or craft new items. You are dropped in the middle of nowhere with… Read More »

The Married Gamers’ Favorite Easter Eggs

The Married Gamers’ Favorite Easter Eggs

Written by (@itloo) on April 19, 2011 in Features

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  We here at the Married Gamers love geek culture. While playing video games, nothing makes us chuckle more than seeing Easter eggs hidden within games, especially when they highlight or poke fun at nerdiness everywhere. By definition, an Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, feature, or inside joke that can be found in a movie, computer program, web… Read More »

Minecrafted: A Port in a Storm

Minecrafted: A Port in a Storm

Written by (@shibachica) on November 23, 2010 in Features

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Like many of you out there I have discovered the wonderful world of Minecraft.  A simple low-res web-based survival and crafting game at its heart is still technically still in alpha phase of development but already has 2,045,015 registered players.  The developer has offered folks the chance to purchase the game for half price during… Read More »