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N@P-053: Technical Difficulties

Written by (@itloo) on September 17, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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Lately we’ve noticed a technology epidemic. People have become addicted to their gadgets to the point where they aren’t conversing with people face to face anymore. This week on Nerds@Play we discuss gadget etiquette, plan our New Leaf exits, catch up on our weeks, and mysteriously lose Michi, Zach, and part of our audio. It’s… Read More »

The Mommy Gamers 41: More Feels

Written by (@jaxboxchick) on July 2, 2013 in Podcasts, The Mommy Gamers Podcast

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Gaming Mommies founder and owner of Gamer Mom Creations, Beth Day-Smith join Marcia and Desirai this week. The ladies get even more excited about Animal Crossing New Leaf and some of them about Minecraft. Marcia tries some wasabi peas her husband sent her from Japan and talks about her feelings on the recently Redbox released… Read More »