Nerds At Play Episode 062: Angry Puppies

Written by (@shibachica) on April 10, 2014 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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This week’s podcast is another ride in the WABAC machine to Christmas 2013. Zach, Melisa and Michi discuss the battles some face to be accepted in the gaming community. They also divulge a secret weapon to withstand the trolls, tyrants and ragers, a.k.a. ‘The Angry Puppy Axiom’. We have an email! Join our Steam group!… Read More »


Nerds At Play Episode 060: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Written by (@itloo) on November 25, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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We here at Nerds At Play (Zac) love to complain about video games, but what happens when a game is so bad that it’s good? Yeah, we don’t get it either, but this week we sat down to talk about terribly great games, discuss new console hype, and tell tales of GTA Online excitement. We… Read More »


Nerds @ Play Episode 59: Goodbye

Written by (@itloo) on November 11, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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It has been a somber month for nerds everywhere as the news of Aaron Hilden’s passing hit hard in early November. This week the Nerds@Play welcome MC Wilson to share memories of Hilden’s life and discuss their escapism games. This one’s for you Hilden. We have a new email!   Join our Steam group! You can… Read More »


Nerds At Play Episode 058: Pun-kin Party

Written by (@itloo) on October 31, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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Happy Halloween from the Nerds@Play! This week on a very special episode, we talk about our favorite horror games, discuss the best ways to rid yourself of undead guests, and revert back to our childhood with Pokemon. It is one punny episode! We have a new email!   Join our Steam group! You can find and… Read More »


Nerds @ Play Episode 57: Cheer Up, Buttercup

Written by (@itloo) on October 25, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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After a few somber episodes, the Nerds have decided to cheer up the podcast. This week on the show we discuss our most surprising discoveries in nerdiness, pick our favorite fictional gadgets, and go on a long rant about Grand Theft Auto: Online. We have a new email! Join our Steam group! You can find and… Read More »


Nerds @ Play episode #56: Animation Domination

Written by (@itloo) on October 18, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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We here at Nerds@Play love animated shows, be it Adventure Time, Avatar, or even the strangest of anime. This week on N@P we discuss animation and point out some of our favorite programs. We also dive into some Halloween games, and somehow Loren forgets his own name. I’d say it has been one long week…. Read More »

mario confession

Nerds @ Play episode 55: Nerdy Confessions

Written by (@itloo) on October 10, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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Everyone has their own secrets. Some of us have darker, nerdier secrets than the rest of you, but what good are secrets if you can’t share them? This week on Nerds@Play, Loren, Melisa, Michi, and Zac come together in the holy confessional to confess their sins and talk about their transgressions. It’s almost like they… Read More »


N@P-054: Grand Theft Audio

Written by (@itloo) on September 26, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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Jacking your cars, your women, and your money, the nerds are back for Episode 54. In this episode we discuss our favorite open world moments, go into deep philosophical conversation about Grand Theft Auto V, and catch up on our weeks in geekery. We have a new email! Join our Steam group! You can find and… Read More »


N@P-053: Technical Difficulties

Written by (@itloo) on September 17, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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Lately we’ve noticed a technology epidemic. People have become addicted to their gadgets to the point where they aren’t conversing with people face to face anymore. This week on Nerds@Play we discuss gadget etiquette, plan our New Leaf exits, catch up on our weeks, and mysteriously lose Michi, Zach, and part of our audio. It’s… Read More »


N@P-052: Year of the Games Award

Written by (@itloo) on September 6, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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With PAX now at a close we here at the Nerds@Play, at least Michi and Melisa, are exhausted. Instead of talking about PAX news and such we decided to be unique and talk about something else. This week on Nerds@Play we come up with better uses of the 3DS Streetpass system, spoil Sharknado, and come… Read More »