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Hands On: Formula 1 2010

By Erik Johnsen, June 22, 2010 0 Features

Wet or dry conditions, Formula 1 racing has all of the excitement and danger a single sport can possibly pack in. Codemasters’ attempt to capture these elements is a good try to get the job done. Few video games, if… Read More »

Hands On: Two Worlds II

By Erik Johnsen, June 22, 2010 0 Features

My first hands on at E3 was with SouthPeak games and they gave us a preview of the surprising sequel, Two Worlds II. Many RPG fans might kind of laugh and think, Why is there a sequel to that? Well,… Read More »

Hands On Impression: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

By Quantrell Toval, June 22, 2010 0 Features

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 takes the graphics of Street Fighter 4 and the gameplay of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and puts it into a high definition gumbo.  The gameplay is just as fast and furious as ever so fans should… Read More »

TMG-168 E3 2010 In My Pants

By Chris Brown, June 17, 2010 0 Married Gamers Podcast

Day 2 of E3 2010 is in the bag and The Married Gamers gather staff members Erik Johnsen and QT plus special guest Jay Van Beveren to discuss the event and the hoopla.  Eventually we get around to In My… Read More »

Hands On Impressions: Dead Rising 2

By Kelly Brown, June 16, 2010 0 Features

After having played the first Dead Rising and enjoying the chance to run around the mall and kill as many zombies as I possibly could, I could not wait to see what Capcom was going to be able to do… Read More »

Hands On Impressions: Wii Party

By Quantrell Toval, June 16, 2010 0 Features

Wii Party, for the Nintendo Wii (obviously), is the spiritual successor to Mario Party.  Instead of using Mario and friends as characters, Wii Party incorporates Mii characters to be your in-game avatar (a choice I’m totally behind).  It features over… Read More »

Hands On Impressions: Ghost Trick

By Quantrell Toval, June 15, 2010 0 Features

Ghost Trick, by Capcom, I played as the soul of Sissel, a guy who has just had an untimely demise.  As the demo opens, I see a lady to the left and a guy of questionable character to the right.  My unliving corpse is… Read More »

EA Announces the ‘Gun Club’ Loyalty Program

By Melisa Snyder, June 15, 2010 0 News

EA announced that they are offering a new loyalty program to gamers to  earn rewards.  Starting now gamers will be able to redeem their VIP rewards earned playing Battlefield:  Bad Company 2 to earn Medal of Honor Rewards such as… Read More »

E3 Expo Live Coverage: Sony Media Briefing

By Chris Brown, June 14, 2010 0 News

Sony Media Briefing

E3 Expo Live Coverage: Nintendo Media Briefing

By Chris Brown, June 14, 2010 1 News

Nintendo Media Briefing