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Capcom Captivate 2010

By John Catuira, April 22, 2010 1 News

The place: sunny Hawaii.  The event: Captivate 2010.  The games: Well, there were plenty of games there. Journalists had the opportunity to get an advanced look at Capcom’s new games and content.  Some of these include Ghost Trick Phantom Detective,… Read More »

Dark Void Survivor Mission DLC Rocketing To Consoles

By Chris Brown, February 4, 2010 0 News

Dark Void players will be getting some downloadable content next week as Capcom releases Survivor Missions for the Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network. In Survivor Missions, players will battle endless waves of enemy troops set in various scenes from… Read More »

Four New Modes In Super Street Fighter IV

By John Catuira, November 6, 2009 0 News

by John Catuira In September, Capcom announced Super Street Fighter IV, a standalone “ultimate vision” of Street Fighter. Today, Capcom Unity, Capcom’s community site, is showing off Super Street Fighter IV’s new modes. Seth Killian was kind enough to post… Read More »

Comic-Con Has Games Aplenty

By Jason Wadsworth, July 15, 2009 0 News

By Jason Wadsworth The annual geek-fest that is Comic-Con will take place next week in San Diego, and there will be plenty of giddy fanboys (and girls) of all kinds. Comic-Con is a gigantic expo where anyone can geek out… Read More »

TMG-088 Wonder-fun!

By Chris Brown, March 4, 2009 1 Married Gamers Podcast

We have returned from Wondercon in San Francisco and we come bearing lots of interviews. This episode we chat with actor Martin Starr, currently starring in the movie Adventureland. We sit down with writer Ed Brubaker to talk about his… Read More »

Street Fighter IV Ships 2 Million Worldwide

By Chris Brown, February 24, 2009 0 News

by Chris Brown   Capcom Japan announced that they have shipped over 2 million copies of Street Fighter IV to stores worldwide.  Reviews have widely been positive for Street Fighter IV as it melds the fight moves and characters from… Read More »

Capcom Announces Lost Planet 2

By Jason Wadsworth, February 23, 2009 0 News

By Jason Wadsworth Earlier today, Capcom announced the sequel its popular third-person shooter, Lost Planet, via the video linked above which was also released in HD on Xbox LIVE. Producer, Jun Takeuchi, who most recently worked on Resident Evil 5,… Read More »

TMG-028 Wondercon Part I: The Capcom Interviews

By Chris Brown, February 25, 2008 0 Married Gamers Podcast

Show notes: This episode we discuss our trip to Wondercon. We interview Seth Killian, Ben Judd, and Colin Ferris of Capcom about their upcoming games: Street Fighter II HD Remix, Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Bionic Commando, We Love… Read More »