Rabbids Rumble

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Enjoyed by All Ages

Easy to Lose AR Card

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The name Rayman Raving Rabbids is something that many know from Ubisoft and it is synonymous with silly humor. The new 3DS game Rabbids Rumble does not waver from this much. The Rabbids are loose in the seven playable worlds and it is up to the player to capture over 100 of them through mini games, using the AR card that comes with the game. Through the different actions the game makes you do and the battles that you have to take the Rabbids into, hilarity ensues throughout the many hours of gameplay.

While the game is created for the 3DS, many of the elements can be played with it turned off (in fact sometime this is required). In order to collect some of the rare Rabbids, you will need to use the 3DS camera and the baseball card sized AR card that comes with the game. Once you have played the mini-game, the Rabbid will spring from the 2D word and “fly” up against your screen for you to complete a series of moves. It is an interesting concept, yet frustrating at the same time. This is a sequence that cannot be skipped and must be played at the time when it comes up in the series of mini-games. With how small the AR is, it is not something that all gamers will carry with them and yet it is needed for this game.

Aside for this one hiccup, it is one that will be loved by all ages. It is rated by the ESRB as E10+ for crude humor and mild cartoon violence. Even with that, it is something that could be enjoyed by everyone. The crude humor is nothing more than a slapping of the Rabbids or throwing something at them in Battle Mode. Having so many mini-games and being as entertaining as it is, it is sure to keep you playing for awhile.

Rabbid Rush can be purchased through Amazon.

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