Review: Hotline Miami

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Hotline Miami was one of the massive surprise hits of the indie games scene last year. The brutal combat, the fantastic soundtrack and the insane plot all helped to create one of the most unique and violent experiences available. With Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number releasing this year, Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital have released… Read More »

Review: Rush Bros.

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Music and video games have become good friends in recent years. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and later Dance Central came to be party staples, allowing players to download some of their favorite songs and play along with their friends. Rush Bros brings a slightly different take to musical integration because at its core it isn’t… Read More »

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Preview: Shadow Warrior

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When the original Shadow Warrior was released in 1997, it was a game that came from the Duke Nukem 3D school of game design. It was the kind of shooter that had you travelling through corridors, looking for secrets, keys and the level exit. The humor was controversial, to say the least, with a number… Read More »


Playstation Plus Weekly August 13 - August 20

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This week on Playstation Plus, a massive number of discounts are hitting, as well as a new game to the Playstation 3 Instant Game Collection. This week, Playstation Plus members can download Bit.Trip Presents…Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. The Bit.Trip games have all been fantastic indie games and Runner2 might be one of the… Read More »


Character Select: Internet Friends

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I’ve always been one of those people who has a huge number of acquaintances but a small number of friends that I truly trust. I feel like I’m easy to get along with and outgoing enough that I can strike up a conversation with almost anyone. Those personality traits make meeting people relatively simple but… Read More »


TMG-308 The Chili Beer Incident

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It’s time to pull the Tioga-Sequoia Joaquin Murrieta Chili Pepper Beer out of the fridge as Chris and Kelly face-off in heated (chili beer) battle! Listen to who will end up drinking the beer as we discuss changes to Xbox Live Gold for the Xbox One. Will it be an improvement for gamer families? Also,… Read More »

Major Nelson Unboxes the Xbox One

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Major Nelson gave the world a great surprise yesterday by revealing his unboxing of the Day One version of the Xbox One.  Out of the system’s “liquid black” packaging, he suavely walks us through, well, more  ”liquid black” goodness. Yes, most was fairly standard for a new console, but there were some nice surprises along… Read More »


Some Other Podcast, Episode 64: Knife Party

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This week was ALL OF THE INTERESTING, and while much of that may not really have had a whole lot to do with video games, it seems like you guys are kind of into that. We do get around to talking about stuff that we’ve been playing eventually, though. I promise.   LISTEN NOW!