Top Five Rayman Origins Levels For Rayman Legends

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I’ve anxiously awaited Rayman Legends, ever since the announcement that the game was being delayed until fall, in order to make the release multi-platform, as opposed to being a Wii U exclusive. While the developers put out the Rayman Legends Challenge App, for Wii U owners to get an early taste of the game, it’s still been a long wait for me. However, at an event last week, Ubisoft announced that Rayman Legends would include forty levels from the Rayman Origins, remastered using the new Rayman Legends artwork.

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to play these remastered levels. That said, with Rayman Origins featuring close over sixty levels, some are going to be left out Rayman Legends. Here are my top five levels from Rayman Origins that need to be in Rayman Legends.


Piping Hot

Piping Hot is one of the first levels that really struck me, from a visual perspective. The level has some stark contrasts, starting in an icy area and ending in a giant fiery inferno. Not only that, but it shows off the flame visuals for the first time. The animations on the fire in Rayman Origins are absolutely beautiful and when you see them in Piping Hot, they look absolutely amazing.

The level itself is a lot of fun, too. At one point, you are shrunk down and have to travel through a series of pipes. Other parts have you using bellows to lights tea kettles on fire so you can jump on their tops as they explode into the air. It’s a level that shows the kind of brilliant creativity that went into Rayman Origins.


Snake Eyes

Snake Eye is a fantastic level that incorporates something I normally hate in platformers: forced scrolling. This level has you above the clouds, as you try to stay on a moving, living platform. What really makes this level so fun, though, is how many secrets there are and how tough it can be just to get to them. The level itself requires a lot of precision platforming in many spots, but to get every little hidden item, you need to be fast and skilled. It’s a ton of fun and hopefully it makes it into Rayman Legends.


Shoot for the Stars

Shoot for the Stars is, technically, the final level of Rayman Origins. The game has various levels of the game where you have to ride a giant bug and shoot at enemies, and this one is the absolute best. As you fly over the skies, the level throws more and more at you. Rockets, bombs and even giant flies that shoot at you.

Not only that, but it’s incredibly hectic. There are points where you have to shoot open gates to advance, while simultaneously fighting off other enemies. Sometimes you have to shoot blocks of ice to break open a path. It’s incredibly fun to play though, even if it can be extremely difficult.


Pirate’s Treasure

Pirate’s Treasure is one of the optional “Tricky Treasure” missions in Rayman Origins. These levels force you to catch up with a living treasure chest, while avoiding obstacles as you run through the levels. This one, however, was extremely difficult for me and, as a result, stuck out in my mind. The level starts with you running as a pirate ship fires their cannons at you from a distance. Then, you have to swim under water.

As you swim through the level, you’re attacked by sword fish, falling rocks and jellyfish. You have to keep moving, though, as the level slowly will close around you. It’s a super difficult level that leaves you incredibly satisfied once you’ve finished it. Personally, I hope that all of these levels are included, but this one sticks out in my mind as being the absolute best.


Land of the Livid Dead

Land of the Livid Dead might be one of the toughest levels in a platformer that I’ve ever played. You can, technically, finish the game and not even be close to reaching this level. Just accessing the level can be a pain. You have to complete all of the Tricky Treasure missions in Rayman Origins to collect various teeth scattered throughout the land. Once you’ve done that, you’ll finally be granted access into the Land of the Livid Dead.

The level mixes in a lot of the best elements of Rayman Origins. There are sections requiring you to hit enemies off cliffs, so you can jump on their bodies as they float in mid-air, just to reach another area. One section requires you to run as fast as you can, to keep pace with a moving platform. The level culminates with a fantastic boss fight that requires you to jump at just the right moment. It’s an amazing level that many players of Rayman Origins have probably never played.


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