World of Tanks Rolls Out To Xbox 360

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This summer, Wargaming West and Microsoft will be rolling out the immensely popular Free-to-Play MMO World of Tanks to the Xbox 360. This move to console will be the very first for the game developer Wargaming West, which was formerly known as Day 1 Studios. This Xbox 360 console version will also mark the next endeavor for World of Tanks, which recently released a mobile version for Android and iOS devices known as World of Tanks: Blitz.

Since the console version of World of Tanks will be a new experience for Xbox Live’s particular brand of gamers, it seems like a good idea for them to get familiar with the game. Aside from winning numerous awards, World of Tanks earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2011. While the game was still in beta, World of Tanks was able to capture the record of Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server.

World of Tanks is not a tank simulator to say the very least. It is an all out battle MMO with various game modes including one for training. The mode Random Battles incorporates many popular multi-player modes: capture the flag, assaulting the enemy base, capturing a neutral base, and as always, just plain destroying the other team’s tanks. There is also the self explanatory mode Clan Battles, where clans can take over each other’s bases.

Players can choose from a variety of different tank types including light, medium and heavy tanks. There are also special types of tanks which are known as Tank Destroyers, which have the biggest guns, and Artillery, which has the longest range of all tanks. Each type of tank has a specific skill and depending on which nation the player chooses, a specific disadvantage.

World of Tanks for Xbox 360 will be available as a free-to-play game for Xbox Live Gold members, and as a trial version for XBL Silver members. The micropayment system in this game will afford the player to level up in-game experience at a faster rate as well as other upgrades. World of Tanks for the Xbox 360 plans to integrate Xbox Live’s achievement system, as well as the ability to play with your friends. However, World of Tanks PC and console players will not be able to play on the same servers together, nor will PC accounts be able to carry over to the console version.


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