Top Five Wrestlers Who Should Be On The Cover of WWE 2K14

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This week on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, it was revealed that the cover of WWE 2K14 would feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnston. It was a fairly boring, yet predictable choice considering that Dwayne has been pushed in the WWE heavily over the past couple of years, despite only making a couple of appearances.

However, in somewhat more exciting news, it was also revealed that fans would get to decide which wrestler would get to appear on the alternate cover, which would be included with the game. It’s a fairly bold move and if you’re not a fan of The Rock, this is a massive opportunity to have a different cover of your choice. Being one of The Married Gamer’s premiere wrestling fans, there are a huge number of wrestlers that I would like to see on the reverse cover.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Randy Savage is, without question, my favorite wrestler of all time. He was never the biggest guy in the locker room but he made it work by being a fantastic wrestler. On top of that, he delivered some of the most memorable promos of all time, some of which he legitimately seemed like he was insane during.

However, the WWE Hall of Fame has yet to see fit to add him to their ranks. While there are some rumors as to why, it still seems that he is one of the biggest omissions from the Hall of Fame. So, if they can’t add him to the Hall of Fame, why not at least have him on the alternate cover of WWE 2K14?

Daniel Bryan

Bryan Danielson rose through the ranks of promotions like Ring of Honor to become one of the biggest names ever in the indie wrestling scene. He was a fantastic in-ring performer and had fantastic promos. To true, hardcore wrestling fans, he was a god.

He then came over to the WWE as Daniel Bryan and, for a while, was extremely underutilized. However, during his World Heavyweight Championship run, he became one of the most interesting wrestlers on the roster. His run as the World Heavyweight Champion was cut short, however, after a seven second match at the 2012 WrestleMania. Following this, however, he was teamed with WWE veteran Kane to form “Team Hell No.” This team quickly became one of the WWE’s biggest staples for the year, combining good wrestling with actual humor (something the WWE is almost never able to get right). He’s even wrestled a bear!

If nothing else, Daniel Bryan deserves to be on the alternate cover just because he was able to make Kane, a historically bad wrestler, look fantastic.

The Shield

Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta. The Shield is one of the newest additions to the WWE roster, but in their short time as a team in the company, they’ve been some of the most influential characters and best teams around. The Shield is comprised of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. This might not make much sense to people who don’t watch wrestling on a regular basis, but they’re one of the few teams that actively works together. In the ring, they always have each other’s back, leading them to be a force to be reckoned with.

They’ve interfered with championship matches, leading to unpredictable losses. Their mantra about helping to cure “injustice” leads this charge as any time they see something perceived as wrong, they right it by powerslamming it. They are deadly; they are destructive; they are The Shield against injustice.

AJ Lee

AJ Lee is the first female wrestler in the WWE, at least in recent memory, to have a massive push from the company. She might not be fantastic in-ring, but the fact that the WWE has pushed her so hard as one of their main stars is important, considering the WWE’s not-so-sterling history with women wrestlers. Despite their “crazy chick” run with her, they’ve treated her character with far more respect than almost any female in the company to date and that’s incredibly important.

Her early run as a member of the Chickbusters made a lot of people fans of her as a person, myself included. She’s a slightly nerdy girl who’s really into wrestling. That’s pretty awesome. Not only that, but some of her more recent runs as a wrestler have allowed her to be a good character. Her insane ramblings combined with her teaming with Dolph Ziggler have made her one of the biggest names in wrestling.


THREE MAN BAND BAY-BEH! They play every instrument, including the spoons! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THESE GUYS?!


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