Broke Nerdcast: Hairy Delicious Moose Bacon

Written by on June 27, 2013 in [, , , , , ]

This week Jay and Wally are joined by Elaine Stryker, the master of podcasting and the master of making uncomfortable jokes. After their initial attempt at casting pods with Elaine fails harder than an Alien tie in video game, the duo finally get their wish of getting her on the show. What follows is a barrage of swears and hilarity that could make Hellboy blush! Which is hard to do since he is already red, if you’re into having people explain jokes to you.
Is Man of Steel good? Should you be boycotting PAX? Does this font size make me look fat? Most of these questions and more will be answered on this week’s Broke Nerdcast!

We understand that you likely have better things to do than go to our Twitter feed and retweet links to our show, read our Nerdtoons on Facebook (It is about Candy Crush this week), or review us on iTunes, but this will not prevent us from asking you to do so. We appreciate any and all feedback!


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