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Voice Actor Confusion Accompanies New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

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Batman: Arkham Origins isn’t even out yet and it is already taking me on an emotional rollercoaster. Let me walk you through this craziness that can only be cured by the release of the game. Come on October! Batman game gets announced, but Kevin Conroy is not coming back to play Batman. Then we get news from Dallas Comic-Con that Conroy is indeed returning in Batman: Arkham Origins, but not as Batman. Joker is returning with a new voice actor, Conroy attempts to clear up confusion and will not be returning for this Batman game. All this madness is going to drive me into early labor I tell you. The trailer released yesterday will have to keep me at bay for now though.

Batman will surely have his hands full this time around. Deathstroke is not playing around and Deadshot is still able to shoot the wings off a fly if he wanted to. Black Mask really wants Batman dead and I can’t wait to see what other assassins will be hunting the Dark Knight. There are a few things that lead me to believe there will be some assassins that aren’t strictly Batman enemies. Notice at 1:32 that the box is marked “Queens Industries” which is the company run by Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, so maybe Merlyn could be making an appearance? And at 4:19 you see “Amertek” on the bullet Deadshot used, and while Amertek Industries is a military industrial firm associated with Steel, I feel like it is a little clue for us, but how it will tie in, I don’t know yet. Either way I am really enjoying these little tidbits and cameos and cannot wait to see what the future trailers will have hidden in them.

Along with Deathstroke and Deadshot it was also announced that the Joker would be making a come back, just not with Mark Hamill as the voice. He already said Batman: Arkham City was his last Joker and I guess having two new voices for the two biggest nemesis couple would be fitting. You just can’t have Kevin without Mark. So this time around we will have Roger Craig Smith as Batman and Troy Baker as Joker.

While it was thought that Kevin Conroy would be apart of Batman: Arkham Origins due to his Q&A at Dallas Comic-Con over the weekend where he said the NDA had been lifted and he could now talk about how he has been working on the next Arhkam game for the last 9-10 months. Of course Batman: Arhkam Origins being the only Arkham game currently announced, it was easy to assume this is what he was talking about. But after seeing all of the confusion, Conroy attempted to clear up some confusion by tweeting: “Confusion in Dallas. I am in new Arkham game coming soon, not Arkham Origins coming this fall.” The tweet has since been deleted, which I guess means Conroy wasn’t supposed to say anything yet and has accidentally spilled the beans a little early. But two Batman games in the future sounds great to me.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be released October 25, 2013 to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC.


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