Broke Nerdcast: There Can Be Only XBox One

Written by on May 30, 2013 in [, , , , , ]

Listen as Xbox MVP Chris Brown and Kelly Brown, both of Married Gamers fame join Jay and Wally in friendly discourse!

This week the discussion turns to the console so great that Metallica, Creed, and U2 has written songs about it before it was even announced: the Xbox One!

In an epic two hour technological throwdown, they discuss privacy, media features, used games, and the role Rock Band will play in someone’s purchasing decision!

So hold on to your hats and glasses! This here’s the WILDEST PODCAST IN THE WILDERNESS! YEEHAW!


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One Comment on "Broke Nerdcast: There Can Be Only XBox One"

  1. BJ Wanlund May 31, 2013 at 9:59 am -

    I am enjoying this episode, however I want to say that I am really waiting till E3 to see a) which games come out, b) whether Microsoft will actually use Rareware to their full potential (i.e. not restricting them to painful Kinect games and even more painful “kiddie” titles), and c) how Microsoft presents what games they are going to have AT LAUNCH of Xbox One.

    I am more than willing to change my tune of XBox One being just a glorified cable box that also plays games, but those games are gonna have to be highly compelling across the gaming spectrum and NOT just the random flavor-of-the-month shooter/blow-em-up games that seem to be plaguing the Xbox 360. And speaking of the Xbox 360, a price cut is almost inevitable to $99 without a contract (or even $50 without a contract). Seriously, the whole “contract” thing was a lame experiment and needs to go away, at least for 360.