What the Nook? - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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When I first started playing Animal Crossing on the Wii, four years ago, it became an obsession for me. I would find myself having to make sure that I would be home at certain times of the day for a special sale at Tom Nook’s store or wondering if something might happen within the General Store while I was gone and I was going to miss out on the big sale of the day. It actually became such a huge problem that I had to stop playing it because I found myself searching out ways to stay home to play the game rather than heading out an enjoying the time that I could have with friends.

Well it looks like Nintendo has fixed this problem, for some, by coming out on June 9th with Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS. No longer will myself, and other players, have to rush home to find the greatest deals as it will be portable now. There will probably still be an addictive quality to this game, as players will have to make sure that they perform certain activities at specific times of the day, but at least the need to be at home will be removed.

Tom Nook

However, this is not the only thing that has been removed. Tom Nook, the raccoon who ran the general store in Animal Cross: City Folk, is no longer in charge of the store. It appears that in this newest iteration of the game that he has given his store over to his two nephews who are now running it as a recycling center. Not to fear though Nook is still around and, probably charging us all an arm and a leg, is the newest manager of the real estate agency in town. It is no doubt that he will still cause many players to need to turn on their 3DS to find the greatest deals in town.

By far, Tom Nook has always been my favorite character in the games as he is a bit quirky and yet can be reasoned with, as far as the game would allow you to do so. It will be interesting to see if his two nephews will carry the same charm or if they will simply sell their wares and go on with their day. It is sure to be seen that Nook will not lose his preposterous ways of dealing with business in the game. If Nintendo continues his character the way that it was in the previous games, then he will still be a bit spiteful if you happen to think that he is cheating you out of your bells (monetary means within the game) and possibly offer whatever you are asking him to buy at an inflated rate the next time you ask him.

It would be wise to remember the old ways of Nook and yet to test out the way he is within this new world. It has been said to let bygones be bygones and so it will be seen if Nook is going to be up to his shenanigans or if he has turned a “New Leaf” and is going to be true business man this time around. We will all have to wait and see when the game is released on June 9th this year.


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