PAX Impressions: Day 3

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Few things are like that feeling as three days of madness wind down into fatigue, sleep, and general apathy at a PAX. Hordes diminish to throngs, streetpasses are ignored, and chairs are filled up by exhausted, smelly, sleepy nerds. The vibe is almost infectious; I think I’d be tired today even if I had slept more than a few hours last night. Regardless, let’s talk about some nonsense from Sunday.


I sat down in a hot, dark, closed booth to play Outlast on Sunday. And it made me scream like a frightened child. The game has a definite amnesia vibe to it, which you could probably tell from the trailer. The game’s pretty as anything, and very good at setting up horribly terrible jump scares. I’ll be looking for it in the coming months.

Wadjet Eye:

Dave Gilbert at Wadjet Eye studios is probably the single nicest guy you can talk to, and he has fantastic ideas about narrative and game stuff. Then we wound up playing Year Walk for like twenty minutes with the Sorcery guys. I don’t know how this happened. PAX. Regardless, the fantastic Gemini Rue is coming to IOS, and you should probably buy that. It’s a fantastic game, and the tweaks made to adapt the controls to tablets are really nice. Just…go give Dave and his wife some money. They’re having a child. And make gloriously pixelly adventure games.


I’m going to tell you a tale. A tale of tragedy.

There are currently 609 puzzle pieces available on my 3DS streetpass games. As of tonight I have 596 of them. Poor, poor Luigi remains hollow. Unfinished. Uncompleted. Because I just didn’t streetpass hard enough. And I still have a giant ghost to beat up in Find Mii 2. For three days I’ve been mashing A, holding R. Strategizing. Planning. For three days I’ve been streetpassing as hard as I can. And I’m fourteen pieces short. It hurts me. Deep, deep inside. And my poor Mii king in his king hat! He looks so sad! I have to deal with that for weeks now! What I’m saying is streetpassing poorly is the source of all of the world’s problems.

And that was pretty much PAX. For three days I ate, gamed, talked, slept way too little, and walked about twenty-five miles. I’m tired, sore, and so gloriously pleased with myself it was ridiculous. I’ll be talking more about things I saw on the site and on [email protected] in the coming weeks, but for now I just want to say thanks to pretty much everyone these. I spent seventy-two hours running around like a crazy person, and everyone I spoke to not only tolerated it, but treated me like a sane human being in ways I probably didn’t (and don’t) deserve. And for those of you who couldn’t make it, just know that all of this text we’ve put out simply doesn’t substitute for the event. Come to a PAX. It’s rad.


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