Injustice: Gods Among Us - What is the New 52?

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We are back once again with another look at Injustice: Gods Among Us, the game which pits DC’s superheroes and villains in a knock-down drag-out fight with each other in an updated, but classic Mortal Kombat style. You get at least 24 characters to choose from, but depending on where you purchase it from, or what DLC packs you choose to download, you can expand that roster using a variety of alternate costumes. We’ve already discussed the massive Red Son pack, now lets take a look at what you get.

The New 52 skins are part of The Injustice: Gods Among Us Collectors Edition, which will net you the New 52 skins for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but also includes a collectible figurine, a digital download code for the film Justice League: Doom, and two issues of the Injustice comic book series. Lets take a look at the exactly what the New 52 is and how these costumes stack up to their classic counterparts.

The New 52, to boil it down to really simple terms, is a new start for DC comics heroes, forget all the continuity from years and years of story lines. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Instead you have a fresh start with 52 new books that chronicle the adventures of DC superheroes. Those books are currently up to about issue 18, so if you want to follow a book, you only have to search out 3 volumes of 6 issues each to get the whole story of that character in the New 52. At least that was the plan. Some of the books didn’t do so hot and were replaced so it doesn’t really work out to be 52 books anymore, but that’s beside the point. Let’s get to the costumes and what the New 52 look entails.

So what do costumes in the New 52 look like? Well, they look like classic costumes with segmented armor instead of spandex. Just about every character changed their look and has some kind of armor segments their costumes. Oh, and there isn’t any underwear to be seen, especially not on the outside, so that’s gone as well. Other than that there really isn’t too much that changed as far as the visual representation of the DC characters go. The Injustice Costumes as a whole look pretty similar to the New 52 look already, borrowing from the DC movie properties, the current comics, and previous Mortal Kombat designs. Personally, I’m more of a fan of the classic look, but they do have a “video game” feel to them which should translate well in the game.

We haven’t gotten too good a look at the New 52 skins in-game yet besides Batman (shown on the right), but I’ve included a promotional image for the collected edition, the DC New 52 character model sheets and a sneak peak at what could be some other alternate costumes in the game thanks to imagined Animated DC New 52 Universe art from artist RyemSalim based on existing New 52 designs.  Check out all the art below and be sure to come back next week for even more alternate costumes.




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