Get Fit Friday - Mixing It Up


One thing that I have found that I need to do when I am working out is change the exercises that I am doing. At first I thought that this was just because I probably suffer from sort of Attention Deficit Disorder and was unable to stay focused on one thing for anything for a long stretch of time. However, I quickly found that as I mixed up the machines that I was using at the gym or the games that I was playing on the Xbox 360 Kinect, my muscles were being used in a different manner. I found that if I was doing Dance Central 3 one day that my legs would be really sore the next, so the next day I would play some Kinect Sports, only to find that my arms were sore the following day.

What I quickly came to realize was that not only was it important to my mental well-being to mix up what I was doing at the gym or at home for exercise but it was also important for my body as well. According to Livestrong’s website, if we are trying to lose weight, we should be working out for at least two and a half hours a week. That seems like a large amount of time but if you break it down to five, 30 minute workouts then it doesn’t seem as daunting. It is important to make sure that you are not only getting in cardio workouts but also some sort of strengthening in as well. It is true that fat and muscle all weigh the same, but muscle will help us all burn fat faster.

I know that when I think about working out for five days a week that can seem like a boring task. However, if I find five different activities that I really enjoy and know that I can do them for 30 or more minutes at a time then it doesn’t seem as much of a difficult task at all. There are so many great games for the Kinect that allow for a great workout at the same time. There are Zumba Rush and Zumba Core. These both are quite a workout and do take some time to get to the point where you can feel that you are able to do 30 minutes or more on them. Also there are all of the Dance Central games, which bring in the fun along with the exercise. The Just Dance games are another fantastic workout. Not to mention the Nike+ Kinect Training game and other games that are fitness focused. All of these help to break up the monotony.

Never forget about the fact that going for a good, old fashion brisk walk (weather permitting) is another great way to get some of those calories burned. Along with all of the games that can be played within the home, gyms also have so many different machines that it is hard to get bored while you are there. I have also found that it never is a bad idea to try out a class that fits into your schedule. If you don’t like it, just leave and do what you normally would do in the gym. No one will judge you for not finishing that class and at least you gave it a shot.

The most important thing when getting in the exercise is to make sure that you are keeping yourself engaged and excited to do the workouts. If it is the same old, same old, day in and day out, there is no way that you will want to do for an extended time period. It is for this reason that it is important to mix it up and keep yourself interested in the exercises that you have chosen. You will never know if you will like something new, unless you give it a try.

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