Sleeper Hit of the Year : The Walking Dead


In an age where point-and click adventures have become all but obsolete TellTale Games has managed to consistently produce some witty and fun examples of the genre. TellTale has brought many lighthearted romps that have entertained players for years. Some of their most beloved series include Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island and Puzzle Agent. While they have dabbled a bit in some darker tales, like Jurassic Park, TellTale has chosen this year to bravely leap into a brand new age.

The Walking Dead have infected hordes of fans in graphic novels, television, board games, and even Facebook gaming. TellTale decided to take on this franchise using their point-and-click style. Many were doubtful that the brutally grim story could effectively be portrayed in this medium but the game snuck in, grabbed on, and would not let players go.

The main reason for the game’s success is that it is not just a slash-and-dash zombie slayer. This is a game focusing on survival. The game is a study of the human element in a time of utter desolation and hopelessness. The horrible decisions an apocalyptic survivor must make are made real by forcing players to choose their action in extremely short timed events. Adding to the tension of the moment is that these gut decisions truly impact the outcome of the game.

The group of survivors will literally live or die depending on what the player decides. The group’s alliances are also formed or destroyed by these decisions. This high level of anxiety will leave the player utterly mentally exhausted. The result is a point-and-click survival horror game that truly does focus on survival and the relationships that are critical to keeping us human.

The Walking Dead is The Married Gamers 2012 Staff Picks winner for Sleeper Hit of the Year.

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