8-bit Funding Launched

8-bit Funding Launched

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Cardinal Quest is one of the first projects on 8-bit Funding

Many of you have heard of Kickstarter and the numerous success stories that have come out of it. The service allows innovators to crowd-source funding for their various projects. It has even been used to great effect in games. Just check out renowned interactive fiction author Andrew Plotkin’s Hadean Lands. The concept of having the people who will be consuming the resulting product or service choose to provide funding for the projects they are passionate about is one of those ideas everyone wishes they thought of first.

Rather than sitting around lamenting, DIYGamer‘s Geoff Gibson decided to narrow the concept to focus on his area of expertise: indie games. His action culminated in today’s launch of 8-bit Funding. Indie developers now have their own venue where they may request funding from the community. There are already a few games taking donations at the time of this story. The system allows project creators to give rewards at various donation levels. Most of the projects currently online are offering preorders of their games as a donation incentive. This means your donation to the project now will guarantee you a copy of the game if you donate the minimum amount required for this perk.

The fee structure is very reasonable. 8-bit Funding takes 5% of the total donations after Paypal’s fee and the rest is passed along to the project’s creator. If you love games and want to support the indie scene either by contributing a donation or by getting funding to release your own game, head on over and take a look.


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