Top 5 Gaming Gluttons

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In the real world we need water, shelter, and food to survive. In the video game world, where platelet counts are off the charts and characters can survive hundreds of bullets to the chest, survival needs are a little different. While most characters don’t need water and shelter, food seems to be a staple. Here is our list of characters who take their appetites a little too far.

5. Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fio (Metal Slug series)

Metal Slug

Metal Slug was one of the first games that introduced the concept of “overeating”. Much like many other games, you eat food to replenish your health, but if you overindulge, your player becomes obese and moves at a slower pace. Seeing Marko, Tarma, or the women balloon up to chunky versions of themselves is hilarious. Even their bullets get fat! The only way to cure the overeating is to find a “diet” item which will return the player to normal, but what’s the fun in that?

4. Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite)


Booker DeWitt belongs on this list because of not just what he eats, but where he eats from. Booker eats from out of the garbage, toilets, and many other disgusting places. DeWitt eats to refill his health just like most other characters, but his appetite is insatiable which leads him to scrounge from unorthodox places. He’ll eat cake, rotten fruit, cigarettes, and many other unhealthy foods without hesitation. In fact, Booker’s gluttony often leads him to eat even when he doesn’t need the energy.

3. Yoshi (Yoshi’s Story)


Yoshi is a character with a black hole for a stomach. In Yoshi’s Story, to pass a level you have to consume 30 pieces of fruit. This isn’t like Mario’s adventures where all you have to do is run to a flag or jump on a boss’ head three times. No, Yoshi’s gluttony is so bad that the game requires him to pig out. Yoshi doesn’t just eat fruit though. He has the ability to eat enemies whole, either spitting them out or turning them into eggs afterwards. Ever been so hungry you ate something that wasn’t food?

2. Kirby (Kirby series)


I’m pretty sure the reason Kirby is pink is because he is 95% stomach. Kirby doesn’t even need teeth to chew, he just swallows items, food, and enemies whole. What makes it even better is his ability to absorb enemies abilities, which means that Kirby doesn’t eat things to gain nutrition, he eats them to gain power. Kirby is so selfish that he doesn’t even have a reason for his eating, he just does it.

1. Pac-Man (Pac-Man)


Pac-Man is the king of eating. It’s in his code. As Pac-Man you need to eat all the power pellets, and if that wasn’t enough for you, all the fruit and ghosts too. Pac-Man’s hunger never ends. When he isn’t eating, he still flaps his jaw up and down in hopes of finding more food! His whole life is one buffet. Pac-Man was the original glutton which puts him at the top of this list. 

Bon appetit Pac-Man!


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