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N@P-031: Do The Money Grab

Written by (@itloo) on February 26, 2013 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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The nerds are back and we promise we aren’t talking about The Walking Dead this week! Listen in as we discuss DLC money grab schemes, pick the worst “desert island” games, and wonder if Michi has fallen asleep again. SPOILER ALERT: She has! Plus, Zach gives us all tips on how to survive Dead Space! All this and more… Read More »

New Bulletstorm Gameplay Trailer

New Bulletstorm Gameplay Trailer

Written by (@johncatuira) on November 18, 2010 in News

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Shooters are a dime a dozen these days and it takes a little something to stand out in the crowd.  Bulletstorm looks to buck the trend with its over-the-top action.  Created by People Can Fly of Painkiller fame and Epic Games, known for mega hits like Gears of War and Unreal, Bulletstorm has a game… Read More »