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N@P-017: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Written by (@itloo) on October 16, 2012 in Nerds@Play, Podcasts

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The nerds are back and this week they discuss storylines in games! Listen in as Zach, Michi, Melisa, and Loren discuss what makes a good story, come to terms with which games scare them the most, and as always choose to disagree on everything which leads into a verbal assault. There’s never a dull moment… Read More »

Generations Past: Persona 3

Generations Past: Persona 3

Written by (@paxrock) on July 28, 2010 in Features

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Game: Persona 3 Year: 2007 Developer: Atlas Platforms: Playstation 2, PSP I actually debated whether or not this game should be included in the Generations Past series for a while.  While it was originally released for a previous generation console (the Playstation 2) it was still well into the age of the current generation of… Read More »

Ripped from the Headlines: Social Issues in Video Games

Ripped from the Headlines: Social Issues in Video Games

Written by (@paxrock) on June 25, 2010 in Opinion

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“The Republic of Costigar, Africa… “The internal warfare plaguing the people of this country for over a decade has finally come to an end. “However, they continue to struggle with attacks by guerilla militants, land mines, and refugees en masse. Still, the country is slowly walking down the path toward peace. “Other countries have begun… Read More »