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Review: SSX

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SSX fans have waited a long time for the franchise to return to consoles. SSX 3 was the last, and only, Xbox game for the series, but the SSX team has been around for a while now. With some fresh powder, new locations, and some old friends, SSX is out to prove that they are once again the flagship… Read More »

SSX: Invading the World

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SSX is just one week away from release, but EA has been putting out a lot of region videos to whet your appetite. This week we’ve got three more videos to show you from New Zealand, Antarctica, and the Rockies which are pretty much in my backyard. Also hitting Xbox Live and the PSN this… Read More »

New SSX Videos Serve Up Some Killer Tricks

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EA has released a couple of new videos this week for their upcoming game SSX due out on February 28. First up is a location video placed in Siberia that shows some action on the slopes in the harsh conditions of the Siberian tundra. Being outcast never looked so appealing. Second, EA just released the Travis… Read More »

SSX That Is All

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EA’s SSX series defines snowboarding games, in my opinion. While the Amped and Stoked games are pretty good, I’ve never had more fun with the virtual slopes than in the SSX series. Check out the new “This is SSX” trailer below.     Also, as you can see from the image above, EA is introducing Uber Mondays to see a… Read More »

E3 2011 Day Two

Written by (@leftybrown) on June 8, 2011 in Married Gamers Podcast

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Day Two of The Married Gamers & Front Towards Gamer E3 2011 coverage continues. Hear what Chris, Loren and Steve have to say about the Wii U after their hands-on time with it at the Nintendo booth. We also discuss the many games we played and watched such as Battlefield 3, SSX, Brothers in Arms:… Read More »