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The Mommy Gamers: Episode 4

Written by (@jaxboxchick) on July 19, 2012 in Podcasts, The Mommy Gamers Podcast

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Marcia, Lesley, and Alicia are back after a brief break to discuss crazy summer vacations, cross country road trips, summer movies for families and just for mommies (Magic Mike!), we finish up our book club chat about Fifty Shades of Grey, and even chat about gaming related things. Check out the latest show here:

Skylanders Sidekick Frito-Lay Promo Starts Now!

Written by (@jaxboxchick) on July 10, 2012 in Features

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Hey!  I’m that crazy lady that was blocking the entrance to the grocery store yesterday because I was taking pictures of a potato chip display.  Why was I taking pictures of a potato chip display you ask?  Because it was a Skylanders potato chip display! Starting this week, with the purchase of the specially-marked variety… Read More »