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Review: Risen2: Dark Waters – Air Temple DLC

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Piranha Bytes has delivered a few small DLC packs to Risen 2 for the PC and console.  PC players have been enjoying this game for months.  The release to consoles on  July 31st allows console owners to get the chance to check out the vast world of Risen 2.  The latest DLC available to both… Read More »

Review: Risen 2: Dark Waters

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A hearty “Yo-Ho” to all you pirate wannabes out there.  Anyone who has ever wished to walk in the well-worn boots of a pirate for a day raise your mug o’ virtual rum and sit a spell while I relate my pirate’s tale. Risen 2, from Deep Silver, is a game that attempts to bring a… Read More »

Risen 2 Trailer Tells a Hearty Tale

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Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes have allowed players a peek into their Upcoming ArrrrRPG.  That’s right it is an action RPG where the player can immers themselves in the madcap world of the pirate folk.  Where rum is the currency and fighting brings respect.  Ahhh yes it’s a pirates life for sure.   So pick up… Read More »

Release Round-Up for the Week of February 21

Release Round-Up for the Week of February 21

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For this week’s highlights, we have an Origami killer, a knight on a volcano, a high speed hedgehog and a blade master named Nine. First off, the forecast calls for Heavy Rain. Billed as a psychological thriller, Heavy Rain is a cinematic experience that PlayStation 3 fans have been waiting for. The game features contextual… Read More »