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Review: The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack

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(The following is translated by the creator from Simlish into English) Hello, my name is Simone Digiorno.  I know it is a silly name.  I blame my creator’s unnatural love of pizza products.  I have spent most of my virtual life in good ole Sunset Valley thanks to the folks at Electronic Arts but now… Read More »

Review: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

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“Previously on Alan Wake …” The last time we heard from best-selling author Alan Wake, he and his wife were taking a vacation together to try and break through a particularly nasty case of writer’s block. Instead of peace and tranquility, though, Wake found himself cast as the hero in a horror novel he didn’t… Read More »

Review: UFC Undisputed 3

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There is a moment when I am playing a great game in which I realize that I am playing something special. That moment is different for every game that has one and for UFC Undisputed 3 it was in an extremely surprising place. I had dominated the World Fighting Alliance, winning my last five fights… Read More »

Review: SoulCalibur V

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I’m not a diehard fighting game fan. I’ve dabbled in games like SoulCalibur, Tekken, Marvel v. Campcom, and Street Fighter, but have never been a Day One buyer. With the release of SoulCalibur V, I was interested to see if this iteration would light my gaming heart on fire for fighting games. With its smooth graphics… Read More »

Review: X-Men: Destiny

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It’s not very often that a strictly X-Men only game graces the consoles. Released earlier this month was X-Men: Destiny, the latest game from Activision and Silicon Knights. The premise for X-Men: Destiny is you choose a custom character and then help them learn to use their new mutant powers while saving humanity and mutantkind…. Read More »