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The Future of Disney Star Wars Games

Written by (@therealbigwall) on November 8, 2012 in Opinion

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I’m sure that by now, you are all familiar with the fact that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm LTD.  If you are not, please allow me to use this opportunity to welcome you to the internet. While everyone on the internet started coming up with the same jokes as everyone else, I did what I always… Read More »

Star Wars Gets Gritty With ‘1313’

Written by (@) on June 1, 2012 in News

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Even more early news leading up to E3 … this time from a galaxy far, far away. This morning, LucasArts released a few official details on its rumored ‘1313’ project, all in preparation for the game’s official debut at E3 next week.  And if these early details are any indication, Star Wars fans might get… Read More »