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Crawl, Walk, Game: Playing Together

Written by (@trixie360) on June 27, 2013 in Features

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My daughter and I have been gaming together since she began jacking my iPad at 11 months of age. Some games she could manage just fine on her own. They were simple enough—and let’s face it, being an infant, SHE was simple enough—to be satisfied with colors, lights, and sound. As she got a bit… Read More »

Crawl, Walk, Game: Screen Time Part One

Written by (@trixie360) on June 13, 2013 in Features

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When I was at Xbox I was often called upon to fly the company flag about parental controls, online safety and, balanced screen time (which includes any time you’re watching or interacting with a screen. Gaming, TV-watching, Facebooking, etc). I was interviewed on Radio Disney, and was the subject of a video with my daughter… Read More »

Crawl, Walk, Game: The Backstory

Written by (@trixie360) on May 16, 2013 in Features

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Someone asked me recently, “So, is your daughter a gamer?” It’s a reasonable question. I’ve worked in the video game industry since 1995, and if you’ve ever heard of me it’s because of my eight year stint as Trixie360, community manager, website editor, and video hostess at Xbox. Eighteen years in the games business, eh?… Read More »