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Review: Warlords & Sellswords

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Last September I attended the second annual Boston FIG. While there I met the folks at Nasty Dragon Games, an independent board game developer local to New England. Nasty Dragon Games was showing off their game, Warlords & Sellswords, which at the time was just about to wrap up its Kickstarter. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter was… Read More »

Review: Pleasant Dreams

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What do you dream about? This fairly innocuous question is asked among friends, partners, and even medical professionals. The dream state is still a mystery for many of us. What induces nightmares? What causes us to snap awake in a cold sweat through fear? How can we avoid these traumatic episodes? How can we enjoy… Read More »

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GameWright Games: Over/Under, Qwixx, and Sushi Go! Reviews

Written by (@nightskyre) on September 5, 2014 in Reviews

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I have long been a fan of GameWright games. Even before my children were old enough to game I owned a copy of Forbidden Island and would play with my wife and friends. As my children grew to gaming ages (where by “gaming ages” I literally mean two years old) I began to look for… Read More »

Felicia Day Announces International Tabletop Day

Written by (@itloo) on March 1, 2013 in News

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If you’re the type that wishes there were more holidays that gave you an excuse to game, you’re in luck! Felicia Day, who you may know from The Guild, Tabletop, or Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, recently announced “International TableTop Day.” This day is devoted to getting together with your friends, enemies, or random strangers to play tabletop games of… Read More »

The Board Gamer Recommends: Munchkin

Written by (@itloo) on July 19, 2012 in Features

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When you think of munchkins you may think of yellow brick roads, lollipops, and the land of Oz, but when I think of munchkins I think of dark dungeons, breaking down doors to fight monsters, and backstabbing my friends all in the name of victory. Allow to me to introduce you to a game created… Read More »