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‘Brave’ the Summer Heat to Catch This Family Delight

Written by (@shibachica) on July 12, 2012 in Features, Reviews

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Disney and Pixar intertwine tighter together than ever to produce the latest modern age fairy tale Brave.  I was thrilled to find a form for a free movie pass in the case for Brave: The Video Game. This unexpected bonus allowed me a rare opportunity to visit my local movie theater and check out the latest labor of… Read More »

Review: Brave – The Video Game

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Disney Interactive Studios is allowing gamers the chance to run around in the world of Pixar’s new movie Brave.  Players have the opportunity to play as Merida the princess-turned-heroine, Queen Elinor in giant bear form, and a will o’ the wisp.  This third person shooter begins by explaining the general plot of the film using… Read More »