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Review: Motocross Madness

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There is an absolute glut of quality racing games cluttering our shelves and hard drives nowadays. For gamers this is a really good problem to have. For Motocross Madness it kind of isn’t. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with the game, in fact it’s pretty swell; however, there isn’t anything that really stands out about… Read More »

Xbox 360 Avatars Revamped

Xbox 360 Avatars Revamped

Written by (@itloo) on August 30, 2010 in News

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Thanks to Microsoft’s latest tech toy Kinect, Xbox 360 avatars will be getting some touch-ups in a big way soon. Nick Burton, a Senior Programmer at Rare, the people who created the Xbox 360 avatar, recently commented in an interview that the update will make avatars more realistic and has labeled it “Avatar 2.0”. The… Read More »

Microsoft’s Game Room

Microsoft’s Game Room

Written by (@johncatuira) on January 7, 2010 in News

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Announced at Microsoft’s conference at CES last night, the Game Room is a virtual space where players can relive their retro arcade memories on Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE or in Games for Windows LIVE on any Windows-based PC. Developed by Krome Studios who gave us Viva Piñata: Party Animals and Star Wars: Republic Heroes,… Read More »

TMG-120  I Me Mine

TMG-120 I Me Mine

Written by (@leftybrown) on August 16, 2009 in Married Gamers Podcast

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This week the Married Gamers dive into controversy as they talk about paying for cosmetic downloadable content. In addition Lefty puts his foot in his mouth over the Guitar Hero franchise, and Mrs Lefty talks about wanting Poo Pants….trust us it’s NOT what you think! All this plus Listener Mail, Rock Band Minute, and the… Read More »

Dare To Be Stupid!

Dare To Be Stupid!

Written by (@leftybrown) on July 29, 2009 in Opinion

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by Chris Brown Right now, at this very moment, stupid people are popping up right under your nose. Stupid people are turning up everywhere on a gaming console near you. A stupid person may even be staring you in the bathroom mirror every morning. If you have ever paid for a dashboard theme, avatar clothing,… Read More »