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A Brief History of Xenomorphs in Gaming

Written by (@katanasquirrel) on February 1, 2013 in Features

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I’m a huge fan of the Aliens franchise. Every so often, I find myself sitting down to watch the movies and really want to be more involved in the universe. This was part of why I was such a huge fan of the 2011 DS release, Aliens Infestation. The game took everything that I loved… Read More »

Remembering Game Gifts of Christmas Past

Written by (@leftybrown) on December 22, 2011 in Features

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We here at The Married Gamers would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. We hope you all can celebrate in you own ways. We’d like to take a moment before our long SWTOR Winter’s nap to share some of our fondest video game Christmas gifts some of our staff have received in Christmas’ past…. Read More »