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Review: Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

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Disney history is filled with great characters, stories and attractions that today’s generation may never hear or see. Showcasing this history is where Disney’s Epic Mickey series hopes to shine. The game ends up trying too hard to appeal to the hardcore Disney fan and not trying hard enough to be a consistently entertaining game…. Read More »

Star Wars Gets Gritty With ‘1313’

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Even more early news leading up to E3 … this time from a galaxy far, far away. This morning, LucasArts released a few official details on its rumored ‘1313’ project, all in preparation for the game’s official debut at E3 next week.  And if these early details are any indication, Star Wars fans might get… Read More »

Review: Trine 2

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If you missed Trine the first time around, it’s a shame … but understandable. Trine was a wonderful puzzle game that, unfortunately, slipped under most people’s radar. Luckily for gamers, Trine managed to make enough of a blip in the market for the right people to take notice and greenlight a sequel. Enter Trine 2,… Read More »

Aksys Offers Browser-based Demo for Upcoming DS Game

Aksys Offers Browser-based Demo for Upcoming DS Game

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Publisher Aksys and developer Chunsoft have created a browser based Flash demo to showcase its upcoming suspense/adventure game 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.  The opening section of this point-and-click adventure game for the Nintendo DS is fully playable on the Aksys website with the mouse pointer filling in for the DS’s touch screen… Read More »