Rock Band Blitz Hangover

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When I wrote my review of Rock Band Blitz a few weeks ago, I did everything I could other than buying it for you to try and convince you to give it a shot.

I still stand by the review I wrote one hundred percent, but there has been a few things that I wanted to discuss that came up after the game was released that wasn’t apparent beforehand.

The most obvious thing that has changed from the release date is the distribution of coinage.  Whenever you play a song, complete a Rock Band World goal on Facebook, or complete a Score War you are awarded Coins that you use for power ups in the game.  When the game was first released, the amount of coins you received was reasonable low compared to what it is now as you can see here.

I don’t want to resort to hyperbole, but I am certainly not above it to suggest that Harmonix may have given us a model on how to fix the real economy.  Lowering the cost of a full power up load out and raising the number of coins awarded had an interesting, if predictable outcome.  Simply put, I was spending more coins because I could afford them.  This makes me play the game in a manner that doesn’t make me hesitant to use my Coins on the power ups that make the game fun and competitive.

Some may say that this lessens the incentive to strategize, but those people are wrong. Since I no longer have to worry so much about losing coinage, I can experiment with load outs in a way that I was hesitant to before the coin economy change all based on the song.  If I play through a song once and my go-to power up of Road Rage didn’t really help all that much because there just weren’t enough notes to make it worth deploying, then I could just try Jackpot because I know that I could build a decent point bonus because of my longer streaks.  More coins didn’t break the game at all and I don’t think they had to make this adjustment, but it is certainly welcome.

I found out after the game came out that in order to get the power ups or, you would have to be constantly connected to the internet.  This might be an issue that is specific to me but my Xbox 360 is far enough away from my wireless router that it sometimes does not automatically connect.  This is an issue inherent with using the WiFi for the console; however, it dictates that I must go through the dashboard to check my connection (which works fine with every other device I have, but I digress) until it eventually says that my router exists and can be connected to.  Every other game on my console will work without needing to go through that process so it is a little frustrating to have to go through that just to get my Blitz fix.  Again, I realize that this could just be an issue with my network or console.

Another drawback is that the game sometimes forgets that I am linked to my Facebook account and I cannot make progress with my Rock Band World Goals unless I back out of the game entirely and go back into it.  It took a little bit of time, but it eventually became apparent that this only happened when I accessed the game via the Guide button.  Accessing the game from anywhere else would work just fine, so I’m not sure if this is a bug that never got worked out or if it is another thing that I am the only one who experiences the issue.

I know that these points are minor, but they are enough that I felt that they warranted a follow up on the review I wrote since I didn’t mention too many negatives with the game and these issues didn’t pop up until the game was live.  It is telling; however, that I am still playing and talking about Rock Band Blitz this far out from its debut.  See you on the leader boards!


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