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Plant, Harvest, Invade, Repeat

Zombie farm is an iPhone app created by PlayForge.  It is a cross mutation of several play-for-free iPhone and Facebook apps (see Farmville) with the delightful addition of the cutest darn zombies you will ever wanna know.  I can’t seem to stop smiling whenever I hear my little zombie minion s gleeful plea for “Brains!” as they wander over my farm or into battle.  As with all of the play-for-free apps you have the opportunity to pay real money to buy goodies in the game but I only purchased one tombstone for 99 cents during my whole play time ( I am level 20 now) and I feel the company deserved that much for the game.  So let’s get down to it shall we? Here are my thoughts on the game.


The story is very simple if not a little sordid.  You are the sole farmer of a farm that grows vegetables alongside many different types of zombies.  It is your job to choose the plants and types of zombies you want to grow and start farmin’.  The start of the game is rather slooooow since you need to harvest at least 8 zombies before you can invade another farm run by a grumpy Farmer who thinks nothing of throwing his produce at your zombies as they try to take over his farm.  You are responsible for sending in your zombies one at a time in the order they were harvested from your farm.  If your invasion is successful you can win cash prizes and, if you’re lucky, a brain!  These brains can be traded for some very cool items in the market including zombie mutations, items that add life force to the farm, and other great prizes.  Life force is valuable to avoid growing a lifeless zombie.  Also, as with most farming games you need to stay on top of your harvesting chores.  Wait too long and your plants and the zombies will wilt.  Wilted crops and lifeless zombies are useless and you have plow them over and replant.  If you buy a zombie mutation like the potato mutation you must plant the corresponding crop to give the zombies a chance to gain that mutation.  These mutations allow your zombies to gain stats like defense, speed, and attack.  More importantly however is the ability to have more than one mutation on one zombie.   I have to say there is something hilarious about a zombie with a coffee bean head, broccoli hair, and turnip arms.  And now to my review:

My Thoughts:

There is a lot that this game gets right.  It is a casual strategy game.  Far removed from the complexities of a Final Fantasy diagram… this game understands it’s an iPhone app.  It uses simple controls and menus.  It allows the player to check in on their farms for brief moments and maintain their farm using controls that are fairly intuitive.  You can scroll around your farm by sliding your finger across the screen and use the iPhone’s pinch zoom to zoom in and out of the farm.  The one awkward control is trying to place items you buy in the market.  The item will appear on the screen and you can drag it to where you want it to be.  If the object has a small footprint, however, trying to grab the object to drag it may take several tries.

The music is one of my favorite things in this game.  The farm has a background of pastoral acoustic guitar progressions that sooth the savage zombie.  Skip to the invasion screens and the music is a smooth hip hop percussion beat that is very nice.

The graphics are well done also.  The zombie minions are freaky yet cute and the mutations add even more creativity to your horde.  Your enemies are equally well crafted.  I especially like the ‘roid raging CEO in the corporate invasion.  That dude is pumped.  All of the farm items have also been crafted for humor and creativity.  The only thing I would wish to leave out was the ‘rubber’ tree.  Awkward moment trying to explain that tree to my young nephew.

My Wish List:

Although I think the game is well done.  I still have some wish list items that, I think would help me enjoy the game even more.  I would love the ability to change the order in which the zombies invade.  Sometimes I have a slew of super slow zombies in a row and the battle takes forever.  I would love to mix up the order to fit each battle.  Nothing fancy, just a list I could drag and drop zombies into a different order.

Lastly, I would love to be able to play this game on Facebook AND on the iPhone.  The game allows you to post stuff on your wall but to be able to play on both formats would be a definite good time.


New items just released in the newest  update (version 0.75)!!! Now you get to invade pirates at level 21 and up.  That’s right, now there is a game with farming, zombies AND pirates!  These are good times to be sure.  There are also new trees to plant, new items to buy and corn.  Ok corn is sort of anticlimactic after pirates but, still…  There is also an increased  chance of earning brains or collecting parts of brains to build your own.  There is also an opportunity to chat with fellow farmers through the game now.  I look forward to exploring the new content and grabbing me some pirate brains.  See you there!


A very good way to farm yourself some crops and zombies with minimal effort, minimal time commitment, and maximum entertainment value.  I highly recommend this game.

Married Gamers Grading Score:  A-


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