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You come from the land of Zenozoik and are part of a powerful clan. Your name is Ghat, and you have done the unthinkable by killing the clan’s leader, Father-Mother. Now you’re on the run from your brothers and sisters, and other creatures, trying to find the truth to what happened.

Such is the set up for Atlus’s XBLA release of Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition. Fighting your way from one piece of the story to the next, nineteen chapters in all, you are constantly engaged in battle with multiple enemies and little help.

You can find items such as skill-bombs, a spear, and a small variety of firearms, but this game is mainly about using your fists. Dubbed as a first person puncher, Zeno Clash serves up a little bit of aggression therapy. Released previously on PC, Zeno Clash is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS points. Some features previously not available in the PC version include co-op Pit and Tower challenges. You can play with a friend on either local split-screen or over Live. Also, a time trial mode, called Zeno Rush was added in as well to give you some additional challenges for your money.

The game play is familiar to most first person shooter enthusiasts, right trigger controls your (primary) basic punch, or hold for a three punch combo. Left trigger is your (secondary) heavy blow, which does take a moment to generate power for. With the hand to hand fighting, it feels fine. It’s with the weapons that it feels a little uneven. The aiming reticule doesn’t seem to line up on some weapons, instead you have to aim a little below your target to get a hit. It’s a minor annoyance. The melee combat feels the better of the two styles.

There are a variety of enemies, each with their own fighting style. Some like to line up a shot from far away and others will bull rush you to knock you off your feet. You can get an excellent feel for their fighting techniques in the Tower and Pit challenges.

The additional content of the Tower and Pit Challenges offer you straight up fighting. Finish a level and move on up (or down) to the next level. You can “run ahead” in the Pit Challenges, but that can be trouble for you. These challenges are also where most of the game’s achievements come from. You can play these games in co-operative split

The Zeno Rush time trials are pretty much what you’d expect. You run though levels of the game again as fast as you can.

All in all, the game is entertaining, and keeps you coming back to do better with the challenges once you muster past the story. It’s a little bit of a change of pace from the high tech shooters out there, and gives us a new world to check out and explore. It also give you a bit of a chance to go off and hit somebody (or something) when you just feel like someone deserves it.

A download code was provided to The Married Gamers for the purposes of evaluation and review.

Grade: B


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