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I like a good zombie game.  Who doesn’t?  I enjoyed shooting those shambling T-virus victims in Resident Evil.  Left 4 Dead stepped it up a notch by unleashing hordes of running “infected”.  The undead even made their way into World War II a la Call of Duty: World at War.  Yes, the popularity of zombies is as healthy as it ever was in videogames.

Also growing in popularity are tower defense games.  They’ve been available on the PC for some time and have made their way onto PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace and various mobile platforms. We’ve even seen a combination of the two with Plants versus Zombies.

Apparently, the folks at Prometheum Marketing Group thought something was missing.  They thought that the world needed another popular “thing”, that, when combined with the joy of zombie-cide and the fun of tower defense games, would become a trinity of gaming awesomeness.  Enter Tweet Defense for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The zombie part is hard to mess up. Luckily, Tweet Defense is up to the task. Beyond the standard lumbering type that serves as regular gun fodder, there are slower, yet tougher types, and even a pregnant mombie that when killed, splits into twin baby zuppies. Undead to kill?  Check.

The tower defense portion of Tweet Defense is at the core of what the game is about.  It’s visually competent with high contrast colors that make playing on an iPod Touch or iPhone screen bearable without having to zoom in.

The basic game mechanic is what any tower defense veteran would expect.  The waves of enemies, zombies in this case, shuffle along a winding path while you place weapons to kill them before they reach the end of the path.  The arsenal has a nail gun as your basic, go-to zombie killing machine.  Other weapons include a catapult, flamethrower, a goop tower that slows down the undead, lightning tower, and a boost tower.  They can be purchased and upgraded with money earned with each zombie killed and with each wave completed. Mechanically, going through wave after wave and level after level is fun and addicting. There’s a great sense of satisfaction when the last zombie of the last wave falls to mark the end of the level.  Tower defense gameplay?  Check.

What’s supposed to set the game apart, and is the game’s namesake, is the ability to connect to Twitter to power up your weapons depending on the number of people you follow, how many are following you and how many tweets you have.  The higher they are, the better your rate of fire, range and damage. It’s an intriguing concept that eventually, never becomes as important as expected.  Even through three difficulty settings, there was no clear benefit  to the Twitter-powered upgrades compared to playing without them.

Zombie killing?  Check.  Tower defense gameplay?  Check.  Twitter?  Not so much. Even though the Tweet part of Tweet Defense doesn’t quite succeed in distinguishing it from other games of the genre, it certainly doesn’t detract from the game either.  Tweet defense remains entertaining and difficult to put down.

A copy of Tweet Defense was provided to The Married Gamers for the purposes of review and evaluation.


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