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logo_tvsk TV Show King is one of the first games out of the gate for the newly launched WiiWare, a place to digitally deliver new games for the Nintendo Wii.  TV Show King, from game maker Gameloft,  is a quiz show on a television set in which four of your Miis compete against each other and Lady Luck a.k.a. "The Wheel".  As far as Quiz games go this one isn’t too bad.  The games boasts over 3,000 questions, and we did not encounter one repeat question over many, many matches.  The quiz questions run the gamut of various entertainment trivia (music, movies, and the like), geography, history, sports, literature, science, and mathematical questions. It’s a very good question variation which keeps the brain nimble, and the Wiimote controller spry.  The quiz questions may be a little hard for younger players.  At the start of the game, you can choose how hard you want the questions.  We found the Genius level to be quite the challenge, but very rewarding.   To answer a question the player simply has to point to the desired answer and click the button.  Players have a short time limit to select their answers, and if you hesitate you can see what the other players have selected and in case you don’t know the answer, vote with the majority. 

While the meat of the game is the quiz rounds, TV Show King also includes a round in which players can choose to spin the wheel.  If you choose to spin the wheel you take your chances at either great reward or take a great loss….mostly the later.  A word of advice, do not spin the wheel, unless you want to give the other players a chance to beat you.  We’ve found the the easiest way to lose a game is to choose to spin the wheel.  Spinning the Wheel really does take away whatever fun we had in correctly answering the questions in the quizzes, almost like winning a jackpot and then having to give it right back.  Lady Luck is heavily weighted against you on, what we’ve dubbed, the Wheel of Doom.screenshot_duel026b1__png_jpgcopy

The graphics for the game is pretty good.  The questions on the screen are easily discernable, the game environment eye-pleasing, and the inclusion of your very own Miis is an inspired choice.  The Wii controls work very good as well, although some parts of the game feel as if they had the controls tacked on, such as the round in which players must use the Wiimote to scratch off to reveal answers before they can make their guess.  The music and TV Show King announcer also work effectively to set the mood of a television game show.

Overall this is a worthwhile game if you use your Wii as a community console.  TV Show King is entertaining when played with multiple in-room players.  Playing as a single-player the game isn’t as fun, but TV Show King does offer another mode in which a player has to answer questions until they get an answer wrong.  That challenge is more rewarding for single players.   TV Show King is pretty enjoyable, and manages to entertain…even if the Wheel of Doom spoils the fun.

TV Show King is now available on the Wii Shop Channel for 1000 Wii points and is rated E for Everyone.


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