Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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Amazing Graphic Quality | Endless Customiztion Fun | Great Variety of Gameplay

Mission Progression Unclear at TImes

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High Moon Studios has followed the success of Transformers: War for Cybertron with their new game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. The new game continues the story where the last game left off. It is another nostalgic trip to a world filled with a race of gigantic robots locked in a civil war between good and evil that is about to destroy their home planet of Cybertron. I was personally very excited to see if they could duplicate the great campaign and multiplayer gameplay of the previous game.

The plot of the Campaign mode follows the struggles of both sides, the Autobots and the Decepticons, in the Cybertron civil war. The heroic Autobots favor the color red and typically transform into land vehicles while the evil Decepticons favor the color purple and typically transform into air vehicles within the game. The war has been extremely brutal leaving their planet of Cybertron in ruin and the energon power supply to all but run dry. The Energy core is shutting down. Desperate times call for drastic measures.

Players start out as the much beloved Autobot Bumblebee. Thus begins several chapters dedicated to the telling of the Autobot’s side  of things. The basic mission for the Autobots is to figure out the mysterious disappearance of their team mate Grimlock and finding a source for more Energon to power their ship that will carry their army to safety in a new world. The player gets a chance to play many of the better known Autobots, including the great Optimus Prime. They also get the opportunity to use humungous weapons and powerful robots to accomplish their goals. Some stages of the game test the player’s skills to fight almost endless amounts of enemies while other stages allow the player to have ridiculously overpowered weapons and skill to just have some fun stomping and smashing stuff. One example is the use of the extra gigantic transformer by the name of Metroplex. This beast may not be very mobile himself but Optimus Prime can use his targeting system to aim his deadly air strike and demolish huge clusters of enemies.

Roughly halfway through the campaign the player begins to play the Decepticon side of the struggle. This group of evil-doers has to deal with the power struggle of the civil war. They have the added danger of power struggles that occur within their own organization. The player will, once again, play as almost every sort of Decepticon from the lowest minion to the big bad himself, Megatron.

Once the inner power struggle is decided, the struggle between the Autobots and Decepticons whips up to a fevered pace and the player is switched between the two sides at an almost head-spinning speed. The battle culminates in the battle of the big boys. The final showdown between Optimus Prime and Megatron begins and the player gets to choose which side they want to fight on.

The Transformers in the game are modified and a bit modernized to fit the image of warriors in a futuristic world. I also noticed they have become extremely stout. They are ginormous robots with teeny-tiny little heads. They can fight separately or combine to create even more gigantic robots that give up speed to gain enormous power and smashing skills. The variety of gameplay is fun. The player gets the chance to play on both sides of the war and a wide variety of transformer fighting styles. These styles are explained a bit better when the player creates a character in the multiplayer portion of the game.

The ‘Create A Character’ portion of the game could almost be its own game mode. I know that I will be spending a lot of time trying to engineer the coolest Autobot fighter the universe has ever seen. Honestly this is a Transformers fan’s dream. The first thing the player must do is choose a side, Autobot or Decepticon, and the fighting type you want to start with. There are four types that come in the box with new types available as DLC. They have already had two DLC packs to add the Dinobots and Insecticon fighters to the game.

The four fighting types that come with the game include the Infiltrator, the Destroyer, the Titan, and the Scientist. The “Infiltrator” specializes in stealth and use cloaking for sneak attacks. The player can also choose the ability to throw an “EMP Grenade” that will stun enemies for a short time. The “Destroyer” uses a “Diffraction Barrier” to protect themselves and their team from enemy fire while still being able to fire on the enemy. Their second choice for weapon is the “Hover Slam”. This ability to hover in the air then do a pound into the ground to disrupt attackers. This is a fairly nifty way to get up on higher platforms and announce yourself with authority. The Titan uses “Whirlwind” to blow enemy force away, literally. They can also choose a hand held “Flak Shield” to protect themselves. The Scientist rounds out the crew with a healing beam that will aid team mates that are hurting. Their second choice is a “Battle Sentry” which is, basically, the ability to set up a turret.

The player can start with a particular armor set from one of their favorite transformers like Bumblebee or they can start over from scratch choosing each body part separately. The player can choose their weapons and abilities. They can even choose their Transformer’s color palette. I like this option a lot since I have always loved the purples of the Decepticons but I remain an Autobot fan at heart. The player can even determine how shiny they want their ‘bots armor. The combinations from just the stock parts create a huge amount of customization. The DLC will allow even more variety. Each combination has the added bonus of customizing the look of the vehicle their ‘bot transforms into. For example, each different chest become the front end of the vehicle. his adds to the fun of the customization.T

The player begins with a very limited amount of options available prior to playing a multiplayer match. More options are unlocked using points earned in multiplayer matches or by buying their DLC. There are four game modes and ten maps available to players with the game. The four modes for multiplayer are: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest, and Headhunter.

All of the modes are similar to what is available in the previous Transformers game and will be recognizable to seasoned multiplayer combatants. Team Deathmatch pits two teams against each other. The first team to kill forty enemies wins. Capture the Flag has two teams trying to find and grab the enemy’s flag while protecting their own. The first team to capture the enemy flag three times wins. Conquest sets up three “capture points” that opposing teams try to capture and hold. The first team to 4,000 points wins. Headhunter has teams killing enemies and taking their “spark” to a check point. The first team to thirty points wins.

Escalation mode is the only co-op opportunity in the game. This mode pits a team of either Autobots or Decepticons against fifteen waves of increasingly more difficult enemies. A simple premise and a fun way to take out some frustrations. All of the multiplayer can be accessed and set up very easily using the lobby system. The Teletraan 1 “computer” system records player stats that help players match theirs skills to potential opponents or team mates.

If I had to pick a minor gripe in the game it would be the lack of clear direction at certain points of missions in the game. I found myself wandering at a few points in the story. I could see my destination point and knew the goal but was unable to figure out how the meet the goal. The usual answer was to transform and use an ability from the new form and I was able to take that knowledge and run through confusion found in future missions. This complaint could be more my personal failing in logic rather than in the game.

Overall this game has taken what made people love the last game and added even greater customization goodness and variety. I enjoyed the ability to play on both sides of the war and the ultimate choice to choose a side. It made me wish I could choose a side at several points along the campaign. Maybe creating a bit more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” storyline. This is not a complaint just a hope for a future game. High Moon Studios just whet my appetite for more. As long as I am wishing, there is a great opportunity for campaign co-op. This game reminds me so much of my youth and the joy of watching Transformers on TV. I would love to share the adventure with friends.

One last amazing gift from the folks at High Moon are the ending credits. They are a real treat for transformer fans as the robots dance and goof off in a show very reminiscent of the old Scooby Doo credits. It is hilarious and caps off a great game very nicely. I highly recommend this game for fans of the Transformers. It is a chance to play as all your favorites and then some. It is also the best character customization fun I have had in a very long time.

A copy of Tranformers: Fall of Cybertron was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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