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Every gaming console has a genre that becomes far too common. The Xbox has shooters in every shade of brown and the Playstation has many RPG’s of the Japanese variety.  For the Wii and DS, though, the common game type, the type that is fairly cheap and easy for developer’s to make, is the mini-game collection.  So, given the shovelware reputation of its genre, TouchMaster Connect has a lot to overcome if it wants to save itself from the bargain bin.

TouchMaster Connect is the fourth in the series of TouchMaster games for games for the Nintendo DS.  This time around the series has borrowed its collection of mini-games from the Megatouch cabinets that are commonly found in bars, laundromats and other such public places.  All together TouchMaster Connect includes 20 games divided into four categories: puzzle, card, action and strategy.

As with most mini-game collections your enjoyment will mostly depend on finding which games click with you and thankfully TouchMaster Connect offers a solid variety to choose from.  While not all of the selections are gems, the options avoid the usual pitfall of padding out the library with re-skins of the same game type.  Instead TouchMaster Connect mixes things up with each game employing different goals and effective strategies.  Control-wise TouchMaster Connect uses the DS’s touchscreen for all functions and this tends to work very well.  Each game is able to register quick and accurate taps and drags from the stylus with the precision necessary for high scores.

The options in TouchMaster Connect is decidedly striped down.  Each game can be played either single player or two-player (by taking turns passing the DS back and forth).  Beyond this there really isn’t any other way to play.  There are no game playlists, no wifi multiplayer, or even variable difficulties.  All of these things are missed opportunities in a game of this kind.

Finally, it is worth noting the Connect aspect of TouchMaster Connect.  With this entry in the TouchMaster series the function as been added to post high scores to both the game’s leaderboards as well as to the player’s Twitter or Facebook feed.  While an interesting addition the actual usefulness of this function seems questionable and will likely only appeal to a small portion of players.

Overall, TouchMaster Connect is a solid collection of mini-games.  While there is little more than the social network gimmick to set it apart from other collections on the market what is here is at least well constructed and can serve as a short, on-the-go, diversion.

A copy of Touchmaster Connect was provided to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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