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Fun new career paths!

Same old mundane requirements to tell Sims when they need to eat, sleep, use toilet, or bathe.

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(The following is translated by the creator from Simlish into English)

Hello, my name is Simone Digiorno.  I know it is a silly name.  I blame my creator’s unnatural love of pizza products.  I have spent most of my virtual life in good ole Sunset Valley thanks to the folks at Electronic Arts but now a whole new world or at least one new city has opened up with the expansion that shall be known as “Showtime”.  This is the sixth expansion to the world I call home.  Now I can choose to stay in the Valley or try my luck along the Starlight Shores.  This new city inspired by the showbiz mecca of Hollywood will draw dreamers from all around the virtual universe.  The new expansion allows me to follow my dreams of becoming a star.  The road to fame is long one, though.  There are many ways to find fame.  Everyone of us can choose fame in several arenas.  Will I become a singer, musician, or acrobat?  As always I must start my new career by working my way up from the bottom.  No matter which road to fame I choose I will need to start by begging for spare change as I learn my craft.

I will be a street performer.  Slowly I will gain skills through long hours of monotonous work to raise my skill level enough to beg venue owners to audition for a gig at their establishments.  Luckily there is the creator that will help guide me in how to gain extra skill.  Sometimes the creator recommends following my quest for fame by reading pertinent books I can find in the local bookstore, visiting icons in the profession, or practicing my skills.  Sometimes it is better to focus on improvements from the comfort of my home while others require me to travel to the local parks to ply my trade.

I have chosen the path of singer.  After enduring the begging portion of my journey a few of the locals begin to notice my talent and I am offered freelance work as a Sing-A-Gram-Singer.  In our virtual world this talent is extremely profitable since it seems anything from a hangnail to a breakup requires a musical memo.  This is great news and soon I am raking in Sing-A-Gram gigs like leaves in the fall.  Ah fortune and glory are well within my grasp now.  A new side note to this new world is that the magical mysterious veil known as the “rabbit hole effect” has been pulled back to reveal me practicing my new talents.  I no longer disappear from the view of my creator each time I go to work.  Now my creator can see me delivering the Sing-A-Grams or performing for audiences even when I enter a building.  This was a delightful bonus for my creator.  Before I know it I am a “Talented Amateur” then a “Local Favorite”, to a “Rising Star” and then… well you get the idea.  Basically I become more well-known and can audition for larger and even larger venues to play in.  Sure life may seem like I am floating on air for a while but it takes just one wrong note or a bad show to stall my progress.  I must plan my shows by designing stage sets that helps the audience stay enthralled.  There are quite a few props from lights to backdrops, to effects machines, even a giant ice cream cone to help set the proper mood.  Soon the gigs are rolling in.  It is a good thing I have a “Gig Schedule” I can look at to remind me where I need to go and when.  I am such a huge star I even get handy little reminders from up above to tell me I need to go to the venue and set up.  Yes, this is the glorious life of a rock star.  But even a rock legend such as I can’t live on gigs alone.  Luckily there are some fun new ways to earn some extra Simoleons.

While chasing stardom I can moonlight as a DJ, ride a mechanical bull, or become a pool shark to earn some extra coin.  Each of these side jobs needs practice to perfect but it was my pool shark skills that help earn me the bling I needed to follow my dreams.  I was able to show my fellow Sims amazing stunts like the 8 Ball Frappe which involve a food blender, oh yeah.  This is truly a brand new world filled with possibilities.  The stores are filled with several new pieces of furniture for my house.  It also has décor and effects to spice up my legendary stage shows, My creator also got me a crazy DJ booth merely by registering her new purchase with Electronic Arts.

There are quite a few new objects and options in the new world as there have been in each previous generation.  This one has items ranging from jukeboxes, stage décor, a golf driving range, pool tables, to skeeball games.  There are also new food recipes, clothes, and hairstyles to help me on my way to fame.  Some of these new items are an extension of my new journey to fame while others seem much more random.  I found an item in the local store that was a true surprise.  There is an old lamp that, when polished, produced a Genie.  I know I was surprised too.  I was able to ask for wishes but the results were a bit mixed.  The genie can cast a spell to produce specific buffs that will aid in achieving a specific goal.

I have many new challenges ahead.  I have been told that I can now design my very own unique venue that showcases my talents to their fullest.  This is an exciting possibility but I must wait until I have truly mastered my skills.  There are also a few new characteristics that help shape my psyche. My creator may shape me into a “Diva” to prove my star attitude, a “Social Butterfly” to share my riches and fame with friends in the form of parties, or a “Natural Born Performer” that is truly at home on stage.  I have many new challenges ahead.  I have been told that I can now design my very own unique venue that showcases my talents to their fullest.  This is an exciting possibility.

One thing I would like to point out, even as a lowly Sim we are not stuck with our career decisions.  I mean if I try to make it as a singer and fall on some hard times or realize I was meant to be a magician, then I have the ability to change my journey.  It is extremely easy to change my path to fame.  I just go to the local venue proprietor (they are the Sims I must impress with my auditions to land a gig).  If I tell them I want to change careers I can choose another path and work my way once again to wealth and fame.  I had a momentary lapse in my love of the song and dabbled a bit in magic before I settled down and pursued my passion for music once again.  I love the ability to switch careers so simply.

I will give you fair warning, my creator learned the hard way that the typical Sim life expectancy was much too short to make it big before I was past my prime in age.  She had to travel back in time to increase the number of days between each age milestone or disable the aging process entirely.  I mean there are the lucky few that can find fame in a geriatric body but luck and bones structure does tend to favor the young.

While the road to fame is painfully monotonous grunt work, the rest of my new world adds a lot of fun to each day.  Sure there are the same old mundane tasks of my creator having to remind me constantly that I need to use the toilet, sleep, bathe, or eat… but surely I can’t be expected to remember to do all of those things on my own.  Right?

This new world has also opened up the communication highways for creators to chat with each other while they are overseeing their world.  A new feature with this expansion is in-game chat.  Here creators can chat with each other while playing god.  Another new feature called SimPort also allows fellow creators to share their creations over the interwebs, thus allowing their star performers to go on tour.  This also can unlock several stage props.  There a variety of tour types to explore that cater to my skill level and type of performer I am.  For example I can go on a tour with “Singer Tour Stops” to focus on my skill set or go on a “Big Show Venue Tours” to hit some larger crowds and rock the house.  Venues include streets and parks, coffeehouses, Live show venues, private venues, until you reach the “Big Show Venue”.  Every so often I attend the event known as SimFest that is a huge talent search.  It is a great place to get noticed.

So do I enjoy my new world?  Overall I say yes.  It is wonderful to now share more of my life openly with my creator, not merely disappearing down the rabbit hole every time I enter a building.  I also like a lot of the new objects that are available.  It is wonderful to have the ability to practice at side jobs like becoming a pool shark to offset the cost of pursuing my dreams.  Another nice feature is allowing me to change my career.  I would hate to realize I am on the wrong path only to have to force my creator to load an old save and lose any newly earned items.  I do wish I could figure out when I need to do the more mundane tasks without the guidance of the creator.  That gets a bit tedious for both of us (and a bit embarrassing when I pass out in the middle of a public park).  Most of all I would really love to see more career paths.  It would be wonderful to become a comedian, a slam poet, and so on (possible DLC opportunities?).  As an expansion to my little universe it is a welcome update that opens up a world of possibilities to enjoy.

A copy of The Sims 3 Showtime was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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