The Sims 3: Late Night

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I have been an avid Sims fan from the beginning and have enjoyed watching the game grow and evolve throughout the years.  When The Sims 3 came out, I was very excited.  However, I felt that Sims 3 was a bit skeletal.  It might have been because I went from my fully expanded Sims 2 to the base Sims 3, but I still felt that Sims 3 was lacking much compared to the other games.

Late Night was the only expansion so far that really peaked my interest.  The other two, World Adventures and Ambitions seemed to simply add on minigames.  Late Night is a robust add- on with many new game elements.  While it still has only limited new items and few new looks for your sim, there is a robust new wardrobe.

Late Night, like the previous incarnations (Hot Date and Night Life), include a downtown area with places to party.  Yet, these places are split between different types of late night hang outs.  Some are “lounges” while other are “watering holes” whiles others are the elusive “vampire lounges.”  Each has its own types of party goers and own atmosphere.  Some even have bouncers to keep out the unwanted.  One of the cool things though, is that you can bribe them into letting you in so you can mingle with the high brows of the town.  Most of the clubs are in the skyscrapers, and although most of the skyscrapers are simply for show, it creates a great atmosphere to the whole town.

There is a wide variety of famous people to meat ranging from one to five stars indicating how famous they are.  This is similar to the system back from The Sims: Superstar many years ago.   Not only are there NPC celebrities, but your sim can also rise to stardom through the new “film” career track.   You can also become famous by simply befriending other celebrity sims.   That is a nice touch so that any sim can become famous.  Also, the new trait that was added helps your sim gain stardom faster.

So what exactly does stardom do?  First of all, it gives your sim a boost in mood whenever people are star struck by them.  It also helps you befriend lesser celebrity and non-famous sims easier and even get cheaper drinks at bars!  Yet the coolest thing about being famous is that you can get free exclusive items in the mail, such as the Majestic Grotto Hot Tub.

Along with Celebrities, a new “sim type” is vampires.  This adds an entirely new feature that changes how your character plays.  You first gain new powers to help your sim grow, such as mindreading and no workout fatigue.  Along with that, your vampire gains skills faster than normal sims.  While they gain these nice bonuses, they still have to feed on sims, but you can use ‘plasma fruit’ instead.  They also are harder to keep happy in the day and other non-friend sims will feel uncomfortable around vampire sims.

With these new ways to play your sim, there is also a new living arrangement, apartments.  These are much like Sims 2: Apartment Life, but the apartments are much bigger and you they are all the same so you simply move into the building.  It’s much like living in a small house, but you have closer neighbors.  Because time is always passing, having close neighbors is a surprising advantage.  It also adds a nice feeling of big city life to the game which usually focuses on small town life.

Aside from these major changes, there are also new skills, mood boosts, and lifetime wishes and rewards.  The new skills include more instruments which allow you to start a band!  you also have the new “mixology” skill which can turn you into a master bartender!  There are mood boosts everywhere and mostly from the new items, celebrity sims and vampire sims.  The lifetime whishes also ussually have to do with game play, like a lifetime wish to get your sim to max fame and have a small fortune.  In this installment, they have also added back in astrological signs, which have no purpose except speed up compatible sims relationships.

The game also includes any tweaks to general gameplay that were added in the other expansions.

This is by far one of these best expansions yet.  Adding in all sorts of new ways to play your sim and bring back the apartments and downtown creates a great new experience for any sims fans.  From apartment living to the life of luxury in the pent house suite, from hip dance parties, to cool lounges, this expansion is truly a must have.

A copy of The Sims 3: Late Night was given to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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